The reward of cosmetic items on the 100 misson is worthless

Finished 100 missons on champion or above is not easy anyway. The cosmetic items as a reward are not even looking better than common cosmetic items from boxes. Those rewarded cosmetic should be like the red level weapons with shinny effect illusions.

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Yeah… that’s not how we do things around here, I’m afraid sir.


There’s a few that look really cool. The huntsman, unchained, footkinght and ranger look good. But, they are adding a cosmetic shop in game which if I remember correctly, you’ll be able to purchase cosmetics with tokens from missions.

You are correct that it is a lot of time spent to get those items, but some of them do look really good. As happens with all cosmetics.

I will disagree that they should be ‘Veteran’ quality. Anything ‘Veteran’ quality (at least IMHO) should be earned on Legend. 100 missions on Legend, I totally agree (most of the 100-missions-on-legend gear is pretty awesome looking) but not all of the stuff for Champion should be: minor cosmetic for minor achievement.

Think of it as something that occurs in the background as you progress on your journey to legend; upon arriving at the cosmetic and having had 65 of those 100 runs been on Legend, you can be proud of your journey :smiley:


Cosmetic items are just overall all too rare and too few. Making you run laps for hundred games on a specific character just shouts that out loud quite well.

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