The REAL dodge tracer problem

HI i just made this forum account for just this message in the forum, sorry for the cocky titel but its a good game so i will put effort to support it.

first i have seen this problem somewhere similar before, but from a complete different game.
that game plays like this, you enter a dungeon face 100 of enemies (like vermintide) to end the quest.
then they decided to give the npc a little buff (damage, defence, etc…) but that little buff is given to ALL those 100 of enemies wich makes it a big problem.
so the game was way to hard, so they removed the buff and then it was way too easy, how can even such thing happen?

that game and vermintide DLC (WoM) have something in commen, limited heals.
the more you fight the more you are away from your objective, it sounds stupid at first but with each hit or fight you get the less chance you have to complete the quest.
for short, they can neither choice difficulty 1 nor 2…

after 2 years they finally found a way to fix the problem but then the player base was mostly gone and never returnd :frowning:
What did they do? They made a difficulty 1.5 and there called champions. A random buff to any random enemy in the dungeon, so when you see those you know your getting a challenge or a good beating :smiley: .

im going to repeat something, this 1.5 dificulty fix is important to that type of challenge, a game where you have limited heals.

its not like world of warcraft where you can always eat a cookie to heal after any bloody fight. So i hope with this message they can see that this little buff problem is simply multiplied by a 100, thats all im asking.

my personel idea now! (every one starts running away)
i find it a bit less worthy then the previous idea but hey if it can help them im all for it.
While you do the dodge you should get a reduction boost of a high % and im saying really high (over the 50) or the problem wont be fixed. We can give it the excuse of ‘enemy missed the vital body part it aimed for etc…’ but it might be something that can be exploited too so i wont advice this kinda counter buff. (or make your own genius idea from it)

thank you all for the good work, i still believe in you all!

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