The Rapier and Pistol

The Rapier and Pistol was unchanged, which I found surprising. Is it just less strong than I think it is? Too inconsistent? Too reliant on headshots? Made obsolete by the Billhook?

Personally, I think being able to use the special while blocking is cheesy, and that the lights have too much cleave. So my suggestions are:

  • No more blocking while using the special (using the special while blocking will lower block for a fairly short period of time)
  • Slightly lower cleave on light attacks (should no longer cleave Gors on Cata, maybe one less Clanrat?)
  • Lower bodyshot critical damage (not sure if this is possible without affecting the headshot crit damage. Could someone more knowledgeable than myself weigh in?)

That or just give Saltz an Estoc for dueling enemies.

So, how do we feel about the Rapier? Is it overpowered, or inline?

I’d be okay with removing the ability to block and fire at the same time I guess. But, if you lowered its cleave and body crits, it would be inferior to the newly buffed falchion imo. It already has significantly less cleave and body damage than falchion, so widening that gap further when combined with falchion’s newly improved armor/single target damage wouldn’t bode well for the rapier imo. And if that’s the case, then it certainly would be no match for the AnF or Billhook for that matter.

I’ve never seen the Pistol Shot cleave,
I can only assume you must have been using it on Zealot where Rapier…

…even with its enormous Power bonuses is a little underpowered on Zealot.

Also… I don’t really see the problem with the current ability to Block while shooting with it, since its almost a full 2 second reset. You just aren’t going to rack up any mega kills with it. Its just the only Weapon in the game that allows you to survive with a horde of Monk’s Zerks in your face… but its far from overpowered.

Pistol shot really only useful when used as a combo attack… or against shield users.

Like a shot (which staggers a Mauler) then slash or stab followed by another Shot which kills it. When done in rapid succession it kills a mauler without a crit headshot, and its fairly fast.

The other place you use this is on Shield users, specifically Chaos shield users where you use a push attack followed by a Shot attack which generally kills them. Its kinda the opposite on Storm Vermin where you use the Shot to open up the shield, then use a Charged Stab attack for the head to finish it off.

The only Job that can use this weapon really well is WHC since he gets instant kills on crit headshots, and its a very fast weapon… even if very low damaging on lightl attacks, Breakpoints just don’t matter to a WHC, only crits and headshots.

Which is exactly what Rapier alows you to do very well. So its usable at the same level regardless of difficulty level.

While this weapon may not be so great on Zealot… it’s spectacular on WHC.
(And BH can’t even approach what WHC can do with it)

And this is indeed the Signature Weapon of the WHC since the beginning of the game so I see no problem with it.

Honestly I’m of a different opinion here… I cannot get the 1H Axe or Falchion to even come close to either Axe/Falch nor Rapier on WHC.

The only solution I can come up with is to put the Alt-Fire Pistol on both of those weapons as well to give them a boost. But that will take a lot of effort on the part of the Devs so I don’t expect it.

Sorry, I meant the light attacks. I’ve edited my original post to clarify this.

I think the rapier is in a good spot. It is VERY strong on WHC, and definitely a bit above the bell curve overall, but in my mind, it is one of the weapons that others should be brought in line with: it’s strong, it feels great, it’s got more than one thing it’s good at, but isn’t overwhelmingly good or the best choice in every combat situation. In my mind, a few weapons should brought down a little bit in their usefulness to be more comprable to the rapier, and a many others should be brought up a bit (or a lot) to be more in line with the usefulness of the rapier. I personally feel like it’s a good bar to judge other weapons against.

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