The Quarterback Sacker

The last one.

Dog aside, The Quarterback Sacker is the one that is annoying. You can’t do anything while he pummels you over and over and over. He comes out of nowhere after stomping around for 30 seconds. At least give us a chance to get up, dust ourselves off, and shoot his ass.

Mostly they just need to have their turning radius nerfed. They can go at right angles around pillars to grab you.


Like any other special, if he misses a charge or hits a wall or even if he hits you a couple of times, he should have a reset period where he runs off and takes a breather.

And also his turn radius is ridiculously sharp.

have you tried dodging? I find that works quite well.

My issue is more his tankiness, like 4000 HP? He is easy to dodge but very one note, especially with him gobbling down ammo reserves its just a melee bullfight. The dodge window has worked well for me, my only issue with them is when you are unable to dodge and unable to chip at it. Then it just chain throws you and you hope it aggros someone else. Not exactly exclusive to mutant though, these tiny catwalks make for a death sentence most of the time.

Poxhound is completely unreliable in the current state of the servers, seriously I whiff a push or get jumped in a sliding dodge state all day long. I honestly hate them.

I find the mutant the easiest of the grabber specials, most of the time he can be dodged. If he does grab you there’s a good chance he’ll ram you into a wall, in which case he’s forced to throw you instead of slamming you into the ground, thus avoiding any damage. This also gives you a couple of seconds to try and kill him and depending what gun you’re using this is usually possible.

Doesnt work with all Weapons.
If i bring a Lasgun and a Power Sword, my Dodge-Distance is not far enough to avoid it.

I mean, not that i have a problem with getting grabbed every once in a while, Camo Expert prevents that from happening most of the time anyway.

The one part that annoys me is the “turning radius” this thing has…

Dodging him is less about timing but more about distance. Sure the timing is messy, but I am able to dodge him with a dodge-slide most of the time. The real dumb thing is how far they can change direction. This has gotten to the point, where I had one run during which I was at one time standing behind a mutant and he somehow managed to take me on a charge in the direction we were both looking at the time - do they now come with telepathic arms on their backside???

How condescending of you. In a thick horde, dodging a mutant effectively is nearly impossible, much less killing him in between charges with most weapons or builds. And even if you do, he resets and charges you again in a handful of seconds which no other specialist does. He also has several times the health of the next most comparable specialist, the dog.

On Damnation, I find mutants to be the most annoying run enders, especially in clutch moments.

I agree. The dog is an erratic gymnast with a tad bit too much health for the mobility he has imo. The mutant is just way too persistant. He is like a packmaster in terms of dodge window, but with more health, shorter downtime between charges and he’ll most likely kill you with a few slams anyway. The packmaster also tried again, but first went away for few seconds before he tried again. The mutant can just run into the wall next to you - and due to his health pool and you subsequently failing to kill him in time - just charge you again. The way he is, he feels really unfair in situations with lots of minions around you. My favorite solution to this, from what I’ve read, is limiting how far he can turn, once he tries to charge again and therefore giving you some safe space.

Hopefully, Fatshark will balance out some of these crazy bosses.