The official "X is too strong please nerf" topic

How about we just funnel it here? Think the evil ranged meta is too strong? Post it here and ask for nerfs! Think a certain melee carreer is too strong and could use some nerfin’? In you go! Seeing that certain weapon another player is dominating the scoreboard with and thinking to yourself: “That’s a nerfin!” Fire away!

I really think weapons are too strong, they do like, damage n stuff. Pls nerf FS nao or else negative review lol!

Edit: Also, and please don’t forget to post alot of video evidence and score cards to prove to anyone how overpowered things are. Anecdotal evidence, ho! Also, I won the lottery the other day. Liquidize your assets and buy lottery tickets, it really works!


Everyone will agree on nerfing EAC though.


How dare someone else use a differently calibrated weapon with a different function and tuning than mine!!

Honestly though, give us fun-mode freestyle where we get to drink a lohner beer before heading into the mission and spend the rest of the mission fist-fighting our way through. Or an optional mission where the heroes lose their equipment and have to brawl their way out half the level and get to pick up all sorts of weird weapons along the way. Then we’ll ask for nerfs for a wooden plank with a nail in it :smiley:


Ahahaha you made me laugh so hard man :joy:


What’s the funniest thing of all is the call to nerf the already useless bots because idiots don’t understand how to kite in place an ogre.


I’d like a real hard nerf on other peoples opinions please. IF someone else makes an opinion they should be punched by a spawn directly in their gentlemans sausage.


I call a nerf for Olesya and Lohner
Haven’t sat for the past 2 month, they have the strongest legs of the empire


Isometrics, man. Isometrics.

I hear CDR-builds are the new meta and hence op. pls nerf.

Nerf bardin hair, it’s getting out of control, seriously Fatshark who is his hairdresser this poor Dwarf has some serious hair products available to him! I’m just imagining him sitting in front of the mirror for 3 hours before heading out while the wutelgi is surprised that the dawri is taking so long. Not even sienna takes that long to do her hair, though all she has to do is light it on fire…


Dwarf beanie also op pls nerf.

Most OP right now: Backend Error 1110.


Maybe it’s because I’ve had several cans of Stella, but this is comedy gold.

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