The new map and the need for a social hub pub

I was really hyped for a roleplay event along the lines of wow beerfest or just hanging out at the prancing pony in lotr. I was hoping for dancing / music making mini games. Darts. Cards and dice. Dwarf kareoke.

Drinking and fighting skaven just seemed nightmarish to me.

Sometimes just chilling out drinking, playing music and smoking is enough. maybe mild violence punching each other. Adding hordes of screaming skaven seemed a bit meh to me.

It was like when I first started as a GM / DM over relying on combat.

People sometimes like to be silly and chill.

In adventuring lore the pub was a place to chill out and get new work.


I’ve talked about something like this before. I’d love a social keep, where around 15 people can join. Show off gear, talk, maybe some mini games. I’d love to be able to play cards and gamble scrape or dust. Not like there’s anything else to do with it XD.

I’d love to see that, but it may cause trouble for both lore and game code reasons.
Having 3 Kerillian talking to 5 Bardins might get weird for lore, as much as I don’t care, some people would probably hate it.
And I’m not quite sure if they wouldn’t have to re write a whole code portion because of a map that could be open to more than 4 people.

Just turn off character dialog in there. And I think more players on a map is do-able. I mean, they were even talking about a 8 player mode on the stream yesterday.

Ah I guess turning of dialog would work, even if it’s a shame as it’s one of the best part of this game ^^ Tho I mentionned lore, I won’t really mind it if we get a social hub, I just know some will x)

They did ? Damn then that’s nice :o

I’d really rather not have something like MMO’s where people are spamming whatever crap blazes across their fore-brain while dancing in a pair of pants in an enormous gang of absolute idiots.

Putting things into the normal keep that is side-activities like Cards or Drinking will likely infuriate people who have joined but… “someone is just winning at cards” so they won’t start the map.

This kind of thing needs to be an accompanying app on your phone/tablet and keep the lobby free from clutter, OR…

Eilhart remains free from attack and players can join a lobby called Eilhart Market as a random citizen who might bump into the UB5 or Lohner strolling around. You’re still going to get numbskulls posting gibberish but if people want to go and just hang around chatting they could.

Well, I probably should of worded that better. Think an open keep, servers that people can join and look for people who want to do challanges and stuff. Card games and so on. They can form parties and then jump off to their own keeps to play

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