The new hats are overpriced [Fixed! Prices will be revised! TY Fatshark]

EDIT: This issue has been dealt with.

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I’m actually miffed not just about that, but that the only hat that’s even close to being worth a ridiculous amount of shillings is Pyromancer’s hat, for several reasons. Like being her only good hat that is actually significantly different from her normal hat.
And even for Pyromancer’s hat it seems just… excessive. it’s 2 months of grinding for a hat, that’s just ridiculous. I’d accept 1.5k shillings for it at most. And I still think it should stay under 1k at best, like the rest of the high quality hats.

As for the rest of them… Let’s take a look.

A pretty good hat. I’d put it at ~900 shillings, like the rest of the high quality hats.


This helmet is actually a downgrade from her Bögenhafen helmet. It’s impossible to compare prices, because while it’s 50 shillings, it’s also part of a DLC. However, let’s still compare their looks.

The 2.6k hat should cost between 300 and 500 shillings, for crying out loud.

Battle Wizard

This is actually horrible, it’s the exact same as another cosmetic in the emporium, but with a minor difference.

Did you spot the difference between the 2730 shilling and the 825 shilling hat?

The Five-Fold Flame should cost 900 shillings.


An outstanding hat. I love it. Amazing quality. I can digest this costing 1500 shillings.
Ideally, it’d cost 1000.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of this hat, but there’s not much to say about it. It’s an Unchained hat. They’re all pretty similar. It should cost whatever the rest of the Unchained hats are costing. It should not break the 900 shillings barrier.

Funny thing is, these prices would all make perfect sense if the 2000 was dropped from them. 2910 shillings becoming 910 shillings is entirely fitting when compared to the other prices. It’s brutal.

For more feedback on the matter, I just noticed several others made a bunch of threads, too.


Well, IF we are nitpicky than we should note that the curving of the metal bars is different as well as an additional metal bar at half maximum. Oh and no rings at the bottom. So there are several minor differences. Although I don’t assume that people will notice any difference while actually killing a horde of Skaven.

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I don’t want to be rude… But seriously, Elf’s hat literally means: "players want new cosmetics but we can’t creare new ones… Let’s recycle old cosmetics and give them a silly price… In this way players will not demand new stuff for a while.

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Imagine how much better would those Handmaiden circlet helmets look if they had hair instead of that bald skull-cap sock.
And we know they can make hair because that WS exclusive head has hair. Or just put those circlets under a hood. Somebody made several cool looking mockups of that years ago…


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Thanks for your feedback folks. For now, we will remove those hats from the emporium and introduce 5 different weapon illusions in their place. This should happen in the coming hour or two.

Anyone who has purchased a hat will be in a unique position for a short time whilst we work to refund the purchase and remove the item ahead of reintroducing it/them in a future update at a revised cost.


Despite the fact that I understand the good intention behind this action.

I still don’t feel any better after reading this… <_>

This is extremely appreciated, Hedge!
Thank you and the rest of the team for listening to feedback and for the swift action to deal with the issue. :smiley: