The Neglected Repeater Pistol

How would we feel about the Repeater Pistol’s alt fire cleaving through normal armour? Additionally, making it break shields if it crits.
Then buffing the close range damage of the normal shot against infantry.

Thematically, this would be so that Bounty Hunter could, barring a Chaos Warrior or boss, always hit their target.

Currently I don’t see what advantage it has over the Crossbow or the Volley Crossbow.


I’m definitely up for another buff for this weapon.


I should also mention here that Shot fired with Blessed Shot (with talent) will not consume ammo for Saltpyre, but if Kruber Huntsman use ult (description say doesn’t consume ammo) it will still eat up ammo, just doesn’t cost anything to reload. Shouldn’t it be the same for both?


If it did that, the Repeater Handgun would actually become a machine gun.

Those mechanics are fundamentally different in how they’re coded and also

Which I would have a total blast with but wouldn’t be very balanced or logical :sweat_smile:


I remember for a short while in Vermintide 1 you could do this when proccing…Haste I think it was? Long story short, he could destroy entire patrols in seconds, and it was nerfed.

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I think pistol is fine as is. It already has extreme ammo sustain with scrounger on BH or WHC with extra ammo talent. It kills specials fast because of how fast you can shoot it, and crits happen often so that makes it even faster. Alt-fire function was the one thing it needed buffed, and since it got linesman you can now expend ammo to kill blobs of maulers and berserkers. Seems good to me, didn’t get as significant of a buff as volley did, but works well. Wouldn’t want to see it buffed to be honest. I will say though I’m not a fan of it being a dedicated CW sniper, I just feel it devalues what should be tough enemies to fight, although as they are right now they’re not that tough.


I’d typed up a full reply but it was getting to messy to read easily, so I’ll just ask a question instead. What does the Repeater Pistol bring that Saltz’ other ranged weapons don’t? Or is it a case of the other ones being too good?

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You can prock 2-3 Hunters and clear a bit of your foes for 1 alt shot. Or oneshot CW on cata

Basically you have a carabine rifle with attached shotgun to it. It’s really strong compared to other weaponry. Like, crossbow and a repeater bow can’t match it in single shot pover, also it have no ballistic trajectory and fiers hella fast bullets instead of repeater bow. Repeater bow better in horde clearing, but this gun much better in armor penetrating. You can oneshot 2 SW for 1 alt crit on cata, it’s not a problem for this gun.

And now we’re comming to other topic’s theme. Since you basically have a shotgun which spends 8 ammo for shot, you can empover dis shot by Crit, Hunter, new Necessery Means and weapon swap buff which grant’s us 55% pover spike, crit mult and an ignore of 1 armor tier which basically turns CW in SW with bigger health pool.
And dis is the reason why shotguns have lowered monster damage mult.

This seems to be a general feeling you have. CWs have never been that tough. Is this something lore related? (Idk anything about warhammer)

in lore they should be wayyyy tougher than what we’re getting yeah, but a lot of things in this game already stretch the lore pretty hard


The alt-fire being like a blunderbuss shot to clear maulers and berserkers etc. Otherwise I’d say it’s honestly pretty good at killing specials (worse than BoP, though not by much) and just really strong ammo sustain. Not sure if the alt-fire actually works that well yet, but that’s how I’d say it. As it is right now, probably overshadowed by crossbow and BoP, not by that much though, but that’s partly on the other weapons (not that they’re massively powerful, I’d just like it if the power scale got toned down a bit in general)

Yeah it’s lore. Chaos Warriors are meant to be beefy overall, killing machines that literally have demonic plate armor fused to them, that grants them several benefits like never having to sleep, offers excellent protection while at the same time being magical in that it is weightless, meaning it doesn’t weigh them down like a sack of bricks on their shoulders. Nurgle Chaos Warriors are meant to be especially tanky, but slower. Even when tagging them you get the sense that they’re meant to be strong, like Kruber straight up saying to not fight them solo, or just everyone else ordering to shoot them and not get close. Would have made them more unique if they were tougher with big stagger resist (god I hate how they keep getting flinched by everything, a CW can’t even move with 4 people wacking him, even if they do no damage).


Can we talk about how the flinch mechanic needs to go away? It’s awful on every mob type. But anyways, thanks for the explanation. Relative to other things in the game, I think CW’s are fine. Kinda slow and easy to deal with, but at least its troublesome to pull 20 of them in tight quarters unlike any other elites in the game. I’d be down for all the enemies getting a buff though. This game is laughable with blacksmith weapons at this point because of the flinch mechanic and other mechanic changes that have watered down the intricacy of the combat.


Probably needs a thread of its own, but I’m actually quite unfamiliar with the flinch mechanic and how it works, I only really see the effect. As far as I know, this was introduced with 2.0, but how does it work exactly?

Basically, it bypasses enemy stagger resist to always make enemies flinch. One example would be that crits/headshots on elites always stagger unless they are currently in certain attack animations. Thus, I can stagger lock a CW w/ wiz dagger light attacks even on Deathwish.

Another place it exists is that any attack/damage done to an infantry mob will cause that mob to flinch. This means you can have a marauder with infinite stagger resist on modded realm and it will be staggered by a dagger light attack to the body. Back in the day, Rapier (for example) was a much more risky pick because the light attacks didn’t stagger marauders. Now they always get staggered. It also makes it easier to chain staggers. I.e. that’s why you see mobs flying around everywhere when fighting in melee. Already flinched mobs getting hit by a strong stagger while they are flinching. If you’re fighting as a team it can look like a WHC is constantly pressing F or something. Kinda silly.


More precisely it’s that a “finesse hit” (including crit and headshot pushes) sets the enemy to have no light stagger threshold, everything will stagger regardless of stagger resistance unless it is in an animation that explicitly ignores that type of stagger.

Secondly it’s that in 2.0.5 “Removed light stagger (lowest) threshold for all horde and roamer enemies (slaves/clan rats, fanatics/marauders, ungord/gors)” which means horde and roamer enemies will always stagger when hit or pushed.


Repeater Pistol got Linesman now at least.
The shotgun blast still counts as 1 entity, only one scrounger proc for 8 bullets spent
(Recovering 3 ammo, losing 5)
Also noticed the shotgun blast can’t break clanrat shields unlike Grudge-raker or Blunderbuss.

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Repeater pistol can one shot chaos warriors with a crit to the body on legend. That’s good enough for me lmao

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