The lack of Bright Dust on cataclysme (Red Dust)

Hi i wanted to share a issue i have with the people on the forum this might be a personal issue or a shared one.

The issue is as the titel says a lack of Red Dust even tho im a player close to a 1500 hours of playing, i shouldn’t have a red dust issue but i made some shitty choices and thats what ended me up here.

First i trew a ton of red items away just to craft for some dom builds, like slayer bardin and twice 2H great axes thats a total of 10.
the genius i am did then another test build for a twice 2H hammer after soo many people told me, ‘It Just Works’ and it was untill the nerf came.
the nerf was to me a good thing, that stuff was way too overpowerd and no fun for others or maybe some liked it for farming reds.

Now the thing is this all happend waaay before Winds of Magic and i LOVE the new talents. it made the useless flame sword finally usefull and now a weapon i played a ton with. So it was a great thing to start farming some reds again and opening all those over 100 of chests.

Second stupid action of mine was to waste 25 reds for 2 weapons i made twice and trow it away twice because of some talent that didn’t worked well, YET!
it was all for the talent Helborg’s Tutelage at lvl 10 of Mercenary
The talent was useless to me because of when you made a 5th hit but when you wanted to do a push attack the push itself ate the talents free crit buff and thats what i love doing with the Tusken Spear/Mace and Sword. After a while i tried again seeing if i could avoid this problem or in hope it was chanced, this is why i wasted so many reds on it. and after a 3th try it was Fixed!! yay and i love it!!!
why? you all ask! my tip is its not a talent of what you have, but how you use it. ever made a over 16K of damage to a training dummy at a 3th light attack? thats the power of knowing when your crit is going to happen. it made the Tusken Spear lethal to elites/beserkers especially to a blunderbuss that thing just removes them but its all not that easy ofc…

now to be fair, all of this ‘trowing away reds’ WAS because i had too much of them and those 2 examples are only the worst of them all. Im not going to keep a useless item i rather wanna use it for a build that might work out! and before you judge i did this trowing away reds when i experienced a 2 years of playing a game that had only career abilities that made the only diffrence. Now after wind of magic i had a ton of reds freshly opend for a ton of builds to try out on because then the talents could make the diffrence for combat, power AND a weapon itself.

Now things looking even greater now with the new GrailKnight and crafting a few reds for it again no problem! But i realized this couldn’t keep going anymore, trowing away all those weapons before some could have really worked out with Grail Knight instead of Mercenary etc… and it did.
Especially when you are playing Cataclysme now, BOIII i love it and screw that curse resistence finally. No reds left now to save or trow away and the booii’s and i noticed it was time to go farm some reds in the recrute mode thats called ‘legend’ with extra damage… no offence but its boring now because of the Cataclysme experience and i REALLY need a weaker character that i am still making/testing builds for so its a bit balanced out.

np!! its only for the upcoming careers but now Fat Shark Goes Even Futher!!
All the bad weapons i trew out are getting reworked…
Joke thats Actually a great thing :smiley:
buutttt… this is too much, im not going to redo all progress i made in the past, i couldn’t see what would happen in the future especially when 2 years long noting big happend. you guys cant talk sh*t about my stupid choices, i cant read the future like you all magically do so im even considering to just quit and end with good memories.

So heres a idea!! AND the topic i wanted to talk about (yes you guys can say stupid now for taking this long…)

So Cataclysme has a lack of Red Dust problem especially when so much great stuff is coming out.
Why not trow that sweet dust into the shop? and buy it With the shillings i never use.
And another idea!!
Why not getting some Shillings at the end of the game, the higher the difficulty the more you get and call it ‘war effort’ or something you litterly fight a whole army in cataclysme, thats gotta help the world out right?

The last is importaint to me, the game is really made grindy BUT FUN, my friend isn’t a fan of it that so much games need to be won over a red and you even need to be lucky for its weapon too.
If we can have a other option on getting reds it might balance out that problem.
I have tons of time in Real life but my friend doesn’t and thats why he has a problem with it.

Thank you all for reading this far and i wish you great luck with the reds!!

I dunno about the rest of the stuff but for future reference you may want to test builds, weapon stats etc … in the modded realm where you can spawn whatever item you need into your inventory.
That way you don’t have to waste red dust.

As hanzy suggested, you can use the Give Weapon mod to test out weapons in modded realm. Also the save weapon mod allows you to save them.

As for official realm I would always test on an orange weapon first. I would never salvage weapons that I don’t have at least duplicate in my inventory. I did this mistake too, until is stopped opening chests at some point (which was when I had every single item in red). After opening all chests I decided to salvage all duplicate reds (illusionwise). Since then I have enough spare red dust.

And thats why i only salvage a weapon if i have it 4 times. So each career can use the same weapontype but with properties/traits which matches best on them. And the fourth is to experiment without destroying an existing loadout

But yea i can understand your frustrations. The thing is, your problem is a result of your own fault and changing something ingame only because you made misstakes isn’t the right thing in my opinion.

And to your friend i can only say reds are a quality of life thing, but there aren’t so important like sso many seems to belive. I mean a orange weapon with 4% attack speed or a red with perfect 5% there isn’t much difference for example. Ok sure the later is better but don’t tell me that you can feel that 1%

So oranges are perfectly fine and if you love the game and play long enough you get quality of life improvements in form of reds. So i see no problem here and never did, even when i had almost no reds back in the days

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