The halberd hitbox deadzone

We’ve all heard of the phantom swings, but this one’s a bit different I think. It’s been there as long as I remember, but I thought I’d finally bring it up.

There is a small space right up close to Kruber where the halberd will not hit anything.
I’m sure the devs will better know what’s up.

I’m also pretty sure it affects all the attacks. I tried some push attacks on breakable board obstacles and the same happened with that.


Huh i though it was intended because its pole weapon

I’d be willing to accept this, but even then the devs could at least make it stagger.
Just going through enemies makes you open to attacks from the enemy in your face.

I also found others.
Might want to check all polearms.


And for good measure to demonstrate the pattern forming here with polearms: Kruber spear’s first stab, heavy sweep and push attack.

I should perhaps add that push attacks aren’t as heavily affected by the dead zone for obvious reasons, but when a horde gets dense enough you never know what might happen.

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Also, relating to my second post in this thread, now that I think about it.
I advice caution when fixing this problem, since one of the main strengths of the halberd for instance might very well be that the push attacks currently ignore smaller and shorter foes close by in a horde to hit the generally bigger elites and specials further away.
The push attack doesn’t cleave well, and if it loses that single hit to staggering nearby clanrats in what used to be the dead zone, it might just become a shadow of its former self, and in that sense the dead zone might even be a positive thing, at least for the halberd.
I believe that another example of the effects of the dead zone + reach is that you generally hit the warpstone tank in fire rats’ backs, which has it’s positives and drawbacks.
Just some things for the devs to keep in mind.

Edit: With the light sweep it’s a genuine problem though.

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