The grind is getting to be a bit much

I love this game. I really do. That being said it’s starting to get to me. Daily challenges and weekly challenges are laughable with what you get out of them. There is nothing to gain from them once you have veteran items. Commendation chests give you garbage 90% of the time. I’m starting to have a ridiculous amount of dusts because I just end up trashing everything.
Cosmetics in this game are lacking in pretty much every way. Skins are just recolors and hats are so random whether or not you’ll even get one. When they added the new weapons I grinded that out in a day. It was completely worth having these achievable goals in mind rather than playing match after match with the hopes you will eventually get the exact red you’re looking for. I’m not sure what system would be better, but this game needs it community, and the community voices similar complaints to mine pretty frequently.
If FS were to make the cosmetics have requirements to get rather than having it completely chance-based, that would be nice. As for veteran items: it would be cool to see something to the effect of completing certain tasks in a given week and then getting a chest that contains at least 1 red. That would be amazing. Just amazing.


The grind was always a bit much. Every class has a challenge to get 100 wins on Champion or Legendary. Thats 1 for each of 15 classes. That is 1,500 games in total. The game has always been fairly grindy, I’m afraid.
Frankly they could cut the requirements of all such things in half, and that would be fair.

I like the grind, but then again I play Runescape.

I have two major issues with the drop system at the moment:

  1. The drop rate for hats is far too low. I’m averaging LESS than 100 hours of gameplay per hat and I exclusively play legend. This is simply not acceptable, I like this game a lot but I’ve given up collecting all hats months ago.

  2. The drop rate for red accessories is far too high. If I add up all of the red accessories I’ve gotten they form over 60% of my drops with red weapons and hats being in the minority. This feels at least partially responsible for why hats are so rare and the grind for red weapons is frustrating too. I’ve gotten three double red drops in the last week but ALL of them were accessories.

I just don’t open the chests anymore. When I try a new build, I craft the weapons from red scrap leftovers XD

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