The Gods of Loot are Fickle Creatures

I only have 72 hours of gameplay under my belt (not including early access sessions) and I’ve never looted a cosmetic item. That’s not that bad, I know. I have friends who have over 300 hours and they’ve had just as much luck as me. But that’s not really what I’m here to talk about.

I have a friend who downloaded the game less than 24 hours ago, through steam’s family account sharing system, or whatever. And he has, maybe, two hours of gameplay logged at this point in time. His Sienna has a power level of around 70, let’s say. It’s low is the point.

We finish a level, we’re opening crates and he goes, “What’s Unchained?”
“It’s Sienna’s last career option.”
“Oh. Well, what’s a Skull Mask? How do I equip it?”

This sack of crap, this poor excuse for human bile loots a headpiece for Sienna’s Unchained class. Via a recruit chest or an accommodation chest, I know not nor do I care.

And that’s not even the kicker. In his mad dash to salvage his gear, this piece of work friggin’ throws his ill-gotten trophy into the fiery flames of the forge! Man, what a roller coaster of emotion that was.

Long story short, I think maybe the devs should throw in a good ol’ fashioned “Are you sure you want to do this?” when you opt to salvage a batch of gear and a cosmetic item is included in the mix.

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227h 0cosmetics 1red, went on twitch and browsed through some streams while eating.
lvl 12 elf new player… elf cosmetic hat. she literally said: “I dont want an ugly hat, I need weapons.”
% loot will always have this problematic, but if the rng is that bad as it is now… its just a punch in the face when you see such things.


Cosmetic drop rate is terrible but, just to be sure, have you checked it’s actually an head gear ? Or just assumed it is by the “Mask” name. Cause I only saw one elf headgear over and over in all the complaining people, your friend is the first non-elf hat I see

I think its kinda silly that you can salvage cosmetics. :smirk:

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Ive seen some for victor and kruber too, yes hats.

One of the best helmets and its fully understandable that its for Old Sir Kruber :hearts:

And today I got this one:

And yes they dont even work with the V1 skins and they are yet again career locked …
Never mix gameplay and fashion. :no_good_woman:


You lucky bastard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: They are awesome!

I suppose in the infinitesimally small chance you get a duplicate cosmetic, you might be inclined to salvage one of them. But I mean, c’mon. At that point, you’ve obviously whipped out the ol’ GameShark and are blatantly hacking.

what chest did that drop from?

Commendation chest is it? (level up reward)

I am leveling other characters and dumping all the commendations chests I get on my main Kruber :money_mouth_face:.

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