The games industry is having growing pains

I’m definitely not an expert on this or on business management in any form but I want to put forth a theory that is relevant to this game and the entire industry.

The premium shop is controversial. There are missing features. Communication was poor. The deadlines were too tight and the launch was rushed. The product suffered as a result. This will hurt the future of the game and the company but not because of consumer sentiment.

The games industry is an industry of passion. The only people who care more about a product than the consumers are the developers themselves. Game development is a complex, long term endeavor. Retaining talented developers long term is essential for effective development. Losing talented developers will do more damage to the game and the company than any consumer backlash.

Many of the failed games we have seen over the past decade have been characterized by a revolving door of developers and project leads. Resulting in changes of direction and lack of familiarity with the underlying systems and game design pillars that should form the foundation of the game.
Previously brilliant game studios are struggling to replicate their previous successes and certainly failing to exceed them.

If Fatshark loses its experienced staff, it will lose the talent that allowed Vermintide to succeed and will ultimately fail as a company. Job satisfaction is essential to retaining staff. Producing a good, consumer friendly product that developers can be proud of is essential to job satisfaction.

Just a thought…