The "Feel" of Vermintide II

The overall feel of the game has been feeling “off” to me lately. I don’t have the words exactly, but me and a large discord community of V2 players have been discussing it for the last few weeks. The best way I can put it is this:

You’re sitting in your living room and you start to smell smoke. “It can’t be that the kitchen is on fire, it’s just someone keeping warm with the fireplace in their house.” You continue to sit and eventually the air starts getting hazy. “It can’t be smoke because the kitchen isn’t on fire. Must be dusty, I should clean.” You continue to sit and the lighting in your living room starts flickering orange. “It can’t be that the kitchen is on fire… it’s just the sun setting at 2:30 pm… I’m gonna go check something.” And you get up and you round the corner to your kitchen and is on fire.

I’ve been ignoring little glitches and bugs here and there, playing them off as “Charming” such as slave rats running through the air, or “One-time experiences” such as being in a room and all of the sudden the whole wave spawns on top of you (this has happened multiple times). I’m starting to recognize that all the little red flags that we as a community have put off seem to have given way to a sea of red and now it’s all I and some of us in the community can see.

Enemies spawning in mid-attack to hit you with a downward cleave, double-spawning specials (sometimes kind of cool but not EVERY time), blightstormers now being far worse than they used to be despite being tweaked in the last few weeks and stuttering as though you’re lagging even though you have green ping; more often than not I find myself lately respawning due to the game saying “No, screw you, you’re not allowed to have fun, here’s two gas rats, two firerats and two blightstormers behind walls all at the same time and they’re only interested in you.” This is on Legend by the way. And don’t get me started on the current state of Bot teammates…

The last week has been nothing but what could be considered “Bad” games. I’m used to Vermintide shitting on your dreams every now and again and maybe having a bad gaming “day” but not a full week of loss after loss after loss and not even playing Cataclysm.

I just wanted to vent my thoughts and frustrations for a game that I have poured a lot of my time into (coming up on 1000 hours). I hope this sparks a discussion about whether or not people have noticed this.


I think that this “discussion” has already been sufficiently carried out here. Not that I am not of the same opinion about the problems of V2, which are discussed here. But I think that there is absolutely no point in expressing frustration in the forum every x months. FS should be well aware of the problems by now, because they have been discussed in detail enough, but if and when real solutions will be found is unfortunately in the stars thanks to a not too communicative attitude.


Record/screenshot > Report bug

Fatshark is not a huge corporation. They are doing the best job they can. From someone who has played since a month before launch, I can assure you, they are always working on bug fixes. It just feels like it takes forever because they like to work on multiple bugs at a time to ensure one fix doesn’t break something else.

Just go through their patch notes. There have been TONS of bug fixes. They have a priority list. Something that seems important to you may not be at the top of their list.

In the meantime, record, screenshot, report bugs. That is the best thing you can do to help Fatshark.


I get that you can get bad games, but I really don’t like the idea of putting the burden on bugs/bots/devs in this specific example. Like, come on, coming close to 1k hours Cata should already be almost a cakewalk with bots to you and we’re talking about Legend. Yes, bugs can happen, they ruin the game for any level of play, but this seems to be more of a personal struggle rather than the game being so bad you literally can’t win.

While I agree with your main point to a degree, I’m also coming up to a thousand hours and I still certainly wouldn’t call Cata a cakewalk, and definitely not with bots. Lots of factors affect how quickly one builds their skill, not least of which is the consistency of time they get, having a dedicated group, amount of time spent just experimenting or how intensively you play (some people like chill runs, some people are always looking to improve).

Even if you are winning consistently it doesn’t mean some of the stuff OP has brought up doesn’t still annoy you or sour the experience. I agree with @Unskinner that there’s probably not a lot more useful feedback that can be given here, since it’s all been covered many times here and elsewhere. Your response kinda boils down to “git gud” though and that’s even less helpful.

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