The Engines of War are hungry for Tomes

Issue Summary:
Our Kruber had a tome on him, a catch rat grabbed him and the horde murdered him. His tome magically became fuel to power the Engines of War.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Find a tome
  2. Get grabbed by a catch rat
  3. Get dragged thru a horde

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Rare (< 10%)

Additional Information:
There was no tome where the body was…

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console-2018-12-10-16.36.56-3E4B573E-D7CD-4CD2-96A2-C8CF.log (3.0 MB)
console-2018-12-10-18.50.56-7B4C5484-F714-48E5-93E2-852F.log (2.5 MB)

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This happens on every map especially Against the Grain and Into the Nest.

If a person dies with a tome, it falls through the map.

Also, on maps where you need to pick up a key to unlock a grimoire location, if the person who picks the key up dies, you can no longer open the chest to get the grimoire :woman_facepalming: This made me mad so many times…

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