The downsides of extra toughness

Extra toughness on a curio might sound tempting, but as it stands, it’s actually a risky choice.

The risk comes from the presence of the “% of missing toughness bleed-through damage” mechanic. While having more toughness means you have to take more damage to increase the bleed-through %, it also works the other way.

Having more toughness means you will take longer to recover back to high toughness %, meaning you’re more vulnerable to increased bleed-through damage for longer than someone with a lower max toughness.

This is especially unfortunate because there are an assortment of things that happen in the game that delete 100% of your toughness, no matter the actual value.

This means if you have high toughness, things like fire straight-up deals more damage to you.

The presence of the bleed-through mechanic means that the bonus toughness stat is not really a wise choice to take.

The bleed-through mechanic is important, but I think it needs changes.

I believe if bleed-through only starts when you are at a specific value of toughness, not %, we’d be in an okay spot. A change like that would mean that extra toughness will always act as a buffer, and never come with a significant downside.

In the end, I think something needs to change in order to make extra toughness actually mean you get tougher.


This actually depends on how they regenerate toughness. If toughness is regenerated based on percentage, as in you regenerate 2% per second, it would only be beneficial. If it’s a raw number, then yes, there’s a risk since you’d take longer to regenerate all of your toughness the more you have. If you look at the feats, I believe they all say you recover a % of your toughness, not a raw number, so this is likely how all of the regeneration works.

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The bleed-through mechanic is awful, this is just a bad idea, it makes the toughness completely useless when you dont have anymore hp and trying your best to survive by gaining toughness little by litlle.

I have no idea why they are doing this, its ruining the experience

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Bleed through makes 0 sense, why have a shield at all if random grunt #45 can just get behind me while I’m focusing an horde with low HP and full toughness to fend them off, and whack me once with a shiv and down me despite doing everything right,