The disadvantage of the Career Skill of Warrior Priest

Why does the Shield of Faith need to be thrown with the mouse button? It’s wildly inconvenient. Why can’t we just aim and let go the Career Skill button?

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So that it’s foremost a panic button for yourself. If not using the dupe shield talent, you wouldn’t want it wandering off whenever a teammate is somewhere on your screen, like pyro’s ult, when you’re trying to escape certain death.


You can always turn away from a teammate on the screen. For me, on the contrary, the problem is to aim at a teammate. And when I try to hold the sight, in addition I have to press this stupid mouse button.

I agree, but I think there might be a better solution if you want to target a specific team member. What if you hold F with keys 1-3 for teammates in the order they appear on the right? For console, that would be the ult button and a direction on the arrowkey pad.

For example, hold F and 2 together, then release to use it on yourself and player 2.

i think the way it works is fine and intuitive, whats anooying is that the outliner often swaps away from teamates you clearly have your reticle on,
considering how this ability requires fast reaction time to counter enemy hits, we just don’t have the luxury to carefuly aim and wait for the wonky outliner to be on the right target…


So instead of just pressing one extra button, you feel like turning back to say stormvermin overhead is a better solution to the problem?
Its precisely made this way so you don’t have to get distracted from combat when you simply want to activate it quickly. Sure the hitboxes are bit wonky but the basic activation is perfectly fine.


Thought the same :sweat_smile:

Use the talent that puts the shield on you and your target and you don’t need to use the mouse, the shield gets used on the teammate by pressing F

Last thing you want is someone wandering into your sight while you are ulting and accidentally casting on someone you didn’t want to cast. Whether you want to cast on yourself or someone else is an intentional choice and having a different button to hit means you make the choice.

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