The difficulty seems to be too easy for Heroes

I assume it’s Recruit? perhaps it would be funnier for both teams to have a little more challenge like veteran or above at least.
As skaven we managed to kill one player at the end just because the other players abandoned the guy (rushed the portal)


Agree with all you say.


The main difference (for the horde) when comparing this versus mode to L4D is the Boomer (IMO). The boomer has a very key ability to spawn a horde (while blurring vision). Their barf ability is what can set off a chain reaction to disrupt a team who is working well together.

The key to winning in VS (IMO) is creating a way to separate teammates. I think if FS is looking to improve the experience (regarding balance), I would first look into this area.

What tools does the rat team have to manufacture ways to separate a team?

The main difference for the Heroes when comparing this versus mode to L4D are the heros Abilities(Cooldowns).

I would be interested to see how the matches would play out if hero abilities were turned off.

Gas rat would also synergize with hook rat and gutter runner if they weren’t so easy to knock off/kill. I think maybe the recharge time on gutter runner for pounces could be lowered, maybe to basically zero like in L4D but with a stumble delay

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