The damn new brands make the game more frustrating, why are they so excessive to put content?

seriously they are not good for making content or even to balance things, the missions are more about luck than skill and I try each class and each weapon to see which one would be better, but having a crowd control weapon is useless if the masses are elites with armor and/or shields and weapons the damage they do is miserable now with the new updates, and worse when you have lags or hiccups in the game, even playing with bots appear.
The new brands get even worse when they appear with brands that had already been mentioned that have a big problem and now that elites suddenly appear and there is no mention of the damn hitbox that goes many times that I dodge attacks and the enemy fails but the game counts it that hit me Why are fatshark so stupid in making and measuring content? It seems that they do not do quality and difficulty tests

You being hit late is not the fault of FS, that’s the ping issue that happens in every online game with p2p connection. If there’s anything to blame about the issue it’s your internet, or location.

Not sure what you mean by this brand thing. You mean Grudge Marks?


Having a crowd control weapon is NOT AT ALL useless against armored. The power of being able to stagger and stun-lock almost everything is really big (except maybe on DwOns because you need to clear home how, but it is debatable).

About the brands, I think you mean the Grudge Marks. If so, you can always deal with branded monsters with enough skill, especially now that they nerfed them xD It’s not luck, it’s skill.

About the lag, Mainman already explained it… nothing else to say xD

I don’t think you can measure the stupidity level of anyone just with your opinion. If you don’t like the changes, that’s fine, it’s your opinion. And people can make mistakes, I’m sure you do, I do for sure. But being salty about that is not going to help you get yourself heard.

A piece of advice: just give your honest opinion in a calm manner, I think you will be able to convey your thoughts much better that way.


I pretty much agree on everything what @Rodo said.
Just wanted to add, I honestly think most of the new marks are pretty mild and I do honestly like them.
Curse aura is super small, I didn’t even manage to proc frenzy honestly and warchief isn’t that super bad. You get like 3 stormvermins or maulers.
Plus pretty much all of the most obnoxious ones like illusionist and shield shatter was nerfed pretty significantly.

I also don’t think crowd control weapons are that bad against elites, and I mainly played FK with sword and shield after this patch.
It will take some time to kill them but honestly not exceedingly longer and you get to be much safer doing so.


And do they have to do with everyone in the lobby having a good ping? Suddenly the lag or delays appear and the ping mark then destabilizes for everyone and stabilizes again.
The illusionist thing was a problem, rampart is still annoying if you bring a class that does damage, but that nerf came with spamming more specials, not always, but up to 3 appear and one on top of the other, it is possible to kill one but suddenly in the same position there are two more

I have a ping that ranges between 60 and 110 depending on the host, does that give you an idea of the area? and I have it default to nearby hosts

The aura thing is as if you were on one of the green maps in chaos, but the elites and more with minotaurs, they appear several times at the beginning and if they appear at the end it is always together with another brand that unbalances everything, even playing With good players and having functional group and personal skills, most of the time it always ends in defeat.