The cost of green/blues and beginning of Chaos Waste runs

That is correct. I thought that maybe upgrade would retain it because it’d be the “same” weapon in a sense, but it doesn’t. Buddy said the power was removed.

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Man that’s a raw deal

Considering the amount of coins in relation to the difficulty level, I would agree that the price of the green/blue is slightly too high (20G/30B).

However, the concept as is working really well and it would be ruined if the upgrade cost depended on what you are upgrading from. The more I play CWs the more I admire how it was balanced and thought out. It’s tactics, it’s strategy, it’s luck - sure, you can get be very lucky and get some seriously powerful combinations, but you can also get (or pay for) benefits that really hurt your current combo.

I feel like thats how it should work from the start. Currently theres no reason to upgrade weapons except to reds (the only positive side of upgrading to anything but reds is gettin +coins properpty, but that doesnt happen often atleast to me). I can play just fine with white gear due to having extra boons. Gettin gear to Green > Blue > Orange is more expensive than goin straight for reds and thats not how it should work. Atm I just spend coins on random boons and hold unto them for 2 last levels so I can upgrade to Reds. I’ve played few Chaos Wastes with white gear on finale just fine, boons are doin 70% of the work anyway. If price was cut with each upgrade I would probably upgrade my weapons more, but currently I just wait for red anvils.

One thing I don’t entirely get is that getting a random weapon costs half the price of upgrading your current weapon to the same rarity, but random boons cost 200, which is as much as most of the boons.
Granted, you can get a 250 or a 300 worth boon from a random 200 altar, but since most are just worth 200 anyway, I’d have thought the randomness of it would lower the price a bit more.

All in all, it works fine so there is no need to change anything, I’m just curious as to why the pricing was decided to 200 and not 100-125-150.

Shrines are too expensive all around, with the exception of unique weapon shrines. Random Boon shrines are also only viable if you have either a huge surplus of coins or if you don’t hit a shop before the end anymore. Boons at the store are more expensive, but being able to choose is well woth the cost.

I definitely feel incentivized to completely skip any green upgrades, and maybe even blue. Why waste the coins for a minimal power boost while it’s not going to reduce the cost of upgrades later?

Wait, I thought that’s how it was calculated in the first place. Should’ve paid more attention. :s

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