The cosmetic drop system is too punitive

You have like 0,5% chance for a cosmetic (helmet) drop on champion emperor chests and legend general and emperors, and that’s not necessarily even for the one that you want. Additionally, there is no daily quest system anymore that gives you a chance to grind towards cosmetics, or a chance to grind towards fragments that you could eventually use to create a cosmetic of your liking.

The devs have probably reasoned that if you make the difficulty high, this will act as an incentive for people to keep playing. However the current state is beyond the point of patience for most people and it will backfire. If you make it less random and more rewarding, it’s a lot better for the longevity of the game. It’s as if the devs forgot that there are 12 careers to work towards so it’s not like making it easier to get cosmetics would kill the game.


they really need to add more cosmetics to the game. plus they need to make some of them to be obtainable by other ways (deeds).

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