The "Condome" Promotional Helmet Looks Not So Great

I try so hard to make a fit that looks nice with it, but it’s really difficult to get such a bland, rotund piece of metal to look right with any uniforms across any of the operatives.

It needs more personality, like goggles hung up over the brow lip—even though we have a few helmets with that sort of aesthetic already. It needs more personal effects to make it more unique to the operatives, like how the zealot has a couple of random leather straps over it with a purity seal; but that doesn’t help its swollen dome shape anyway.

Sucks that we’ve gotten it three times so far. I know it’s really only been a promotional helmet but it isn’t one I ever want to wear or care about.

This is the closest I’ve gotten to making a uniform that looks passably decent with it:
Blind Witch’s Penance Raiment (upper body)
Mind Witch’s Duty Raiment (lower body)

It’s a classic


It’s funny to have one for this case, but they use it as a base model for like multiple helmets. We don’t need more ugly helmets. lol

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