The cliff at the start of Skittergate could use some tweaking

This is one of those annoying spots that look like passable terrain, but are actually a trap in disguise. There is a chest around the corner on the left of the spawn point, but to get to it you can only use the high route. The lower route seen here looks like a ramp you can walk up, but it’s actually high enough to block all forward movement. If you try to jump you’ll get sucked off the edge of the cliff and hang there.


You make a strong point. At the same time I’ve kind of come to love that stupid ledge. It’s a reliable source of lols at the start of the map!

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You are a little evil for this but I, too, enjoy it. Heh.

But seriously, though, it could use a wee-bit of tweaking and I do agree with Tamren. Lot’s of floundering on my first run trying to get up it.

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