The armoury, Melk's shop, and weeklies as a whole need to be completely changed

First, let’s begin with weeklies. Character bound, requiring upwards of 50 hours playtime for full completion on 4 characters as already laid out elsewhere. There’s no winning here. No one likes this. This is going to cause upset every week it persists. Scrap it.

Even then, assuming you make it so weeklies are account bound, reasonable to complete, and award copious amounts of Melkcoin, Melk’s shop makes almost no sense in a version of the game where crafting is fully implemented. Upgraded weapons should all be superior to anything Melk could randomly generate for you either in his shop or from his mystery box, making anything you receive from him effectively crafting fodder. The same can be said of the armoury. To a degree, in both cases this makes sense. These systems are a replacement for mission rewards dropping a slew of random weapons into your pocket. Instead you receive currency to buy these rewards. I believe I’ve even heard a dev response on this to the tune of “The armoury allows players to pick their rewards more directly, which we think is better.” Sensible…except…

The armory is now a painful, constant, attention demanding time sink. Players are choosing to actually live on the armory’s schedule, logging in on the hour, and even afking next to the armory, waiting for god rolls that have a microscopic chance of actually appearing. Even assuming that crafting eventually lets us boost the base stats of a weapon to reach or even surpass these god rolls (which it really, REALLY should, I cannot stress this enough), people will still be waiting on blues with blessings to use as crafting fodder, every hour, on the hour.

It’s pretty transparent as to why all of these systems are in place the way they are, and it’s not to improve the experience for players. It’s to boost average login numbers and player retention. If the systems are allowed to remain in place the way they are, I guarantee you that in a few months time you’ll have neither.

“But all you’ve done is complain about the way things are, not suggested how they should be!” Just make it exactly like Vermintide 2, you know, the game you already made? How is it that we’ve actually taken a step backwards in so many ways? Picking up grimoires is now hardly worth it, killing monstrosities does nothing, XP past 30 does nothing but is still being tallied for some reason. How was doing exactly what you did last time not the default here?

Oh and, I know this has no chance of happening, but Aquilas as weekly rewards would be a hell of a lot more compelling. Also it’s close to finals so I probably won’t reply to this thread, rip.


Oh, and buff the Eviscerator.

VT2 gear progression system was not perfect by any stretch, but I hate to agree that it was better than this. This system simply has way too much randomness to it. And it isn’t even fully implemented! For now, people are just talking about Contracts and rewards. Wait until they get to start rolling their favorite guns’ secondaries and it takes days of grinding to roll even once…

They really botched this one. I didn’t spend 1000+ hours in VT2 because I wanted better gear, but because I absolutely did not have to care about gear after I had some decently rolled oranges. I did get better gear, but that was just a fun bonus. Rolling the bones was not the main draw of the game, the actual game was.

I just hope at least one swede saw this post last night, or we’re in for a rough time.