Thanks very much Fatshark

Thanks for the Game, loved everything this far. Do not start to bend over for people who do not get your vision, design and choices. The past years were totally screwed up for many people but you somehow managed to get it done just in time. You will eventually fix these nasty crashes and keep adding to the experience. Can‘t wait to see where this is going!

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Was their vision to make a game which runs at half the frame rate of well optimized games, because they succeeded.

Nah, that was Nvidia’s vision. Just look at those spec requirements.

Hmm i run 100-140fps on high settings with a 3080 and a 8700k, rtx off, dlss balanced, so i can‘t complain about performance. Can really imagine how that must cut the fun though if the game does not run well. As i mentioned - loads of crashes and stuttering after about 3 runs forces me to restart the game.
The betas were necessary by the looks of it and i am sure our suffering will be worth it in the long run.

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