Thanks Farshark for tunning Cleave and Stagger on 1.0.5, good to see you listened to feedback!

Thanks for listening to feedback from a lot of us who were talking and writing about lack of stagger and cleave on Legend. It feels good that most weapons are not wood sticks again. It also feels nice to know that our hours spent in testing beta was worth something :slight_smile:

Legend (apart from broken spawns) feels really nice, and Zerkers are not brickwalls anymore. Now players have a consistent experience across difficulties when it comes to stagger and cleave.

Thanks for considering whole playerbase experience across all difficulties, not few elitists who thought beta 1.0.5 was perfect game for them.

I have to however put a grain of salt here:

  1. Spawn System is still broken (Chaos Patrols on your face and specials our of nowhere)
  2. Shield Stormvermines needs to have counterplay to be at least semi-entertaining (dropping shield when hit enough times or by Shield Destroying weapons)
  3. Breakpoints are still broken and mostly unachievable.

But I am really glad that you tweaked this patch before going to live. Good work!

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