Thank you for a wonderful 1538 hours of playing and grinding

This game is just amazing and it means something from me because I’m very picky about games. Normally I only play singleplayer games. I started this game alone too and for about the first 800 hours I played almost only solo. But then I started to find out that I just couldn’t complete some challenges with only bots. The first Vermintide community I got into was on fb and it wasn’t very good. But then (because of one my comment under his video) PK invited me to his discord channel. And there I began to see how amazing the community around this game is. The channel of WetMagic and The Red Moon Inn quickly followed. I don’t want to sound exaggerated but compared to other gaming communities this one is really amazing and it was really fun to play with many of you. (although randoms are still ****** - at least on Legend)
I want to thank everyone who helped me finish the game. Sometimes it was really difficult. And of course I want to thank you who created this game and are still working on it. Thanks!
I won’t stop playing, but I’ll play less and almost exclusively Quests for Coins and Modded Realm. But if anyone needs help with something feel free to write me. (IB main) Maybe I’ll find time. .-)


I LOVE this.
THANK YOU for your praise, honesty and appreciation. We love having you here and value the time you spend. I also love this game, and find myself recognizing with a lot of what you have to say. It’s an incredible statement and compliment to FatShark, ThePartyKnife, myself, and the Discord server.
Thank you again for all of your contributions and participation.
I look forward to, if you have time, getting into a few games with you at a later time.
Much love <3

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Awesome work

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Thx. .-)