Tell me what to do in this game

Complete all Legendary maps. Done :white_check_mark:
Collect every slot Vet item. Done :white_check_mark:
Level every Hero. Not done
Complete 100% every single Achievement. Not done.
Complete 100% all Deeds. Not done.
Master the combat system until your brain is bored? Done :white_check_mark:

I mean really. What else is there to do? Do I just keep playing the same maps over and over until I have 999 Vet items and every cosmetic in the game? Honestly, imo, Legendary gets easy after a while. A patrol on legendary is seriously the only challenge left.

Not sure why everyone makes a big fuss about this game when really there is no end game content.

So I ask you. For those of you who have grinded and grinded. What do you do in this game for fun? I only ask because so many of you defend it as if it’s Gods gift.

Just another Graphic fancy game with an attempt at an addictive re-playablility that only seems to trick the unskilled into thinking its hard and fun when in reality, unless you simply enjoy the combat system that much, the game is very very limited in all aspects with no end game re-playability except the actual combat system-coop.

Talents are simple and for the simple minded. ITems are basic and simple for the simple minded.

This kind of game reminds me of the type of game for young teenagers on their journey into entering the gaming world. lol

Enjoy the game. It’s already boring as crap. I came on to give it a few more tries and realized… wow… I just beat 5 more missions… why? No reward when EVERY BOX IS JUST SIMPLE SALVAGE WITH NO PROGRESSION ON ITEMS OR CRAFTING.

Enjoy your illusion.

Grind cosmetics from the book of grind. Watch as you get your 30th piece of jewellery you don’t need and can’t get the weapon you want.


rofl, u made another post about the same topic. i think we have another krazykruber here.


Then answer it. Tell me, what is there to do? You seriously think collecting 9999 salvage, that you cant do anything with, is fun?

Everything in this game is so simple and basic that its mind blowing. I even had someone tell me to master each career. Really? These careers are nearly non existant in comparison. There is nearly nothing magical between them all.

There are mainly 3 builds in this game no matter how you build your character.

Single target - Boss and Special killer
Wave Clear - Aoe for trash
Hybrid - Mix of both, but not the best of both worlds.

Honestly thats about it. Everything else comes down to player experience and awareness.

I can throw a rock randomly at any class/career and basically it will have the same type of gameplay as the others except for minor differences.

Like I said. Im out. This game really is for the simple minded, oh but it has fancy graphics and unlocks that you gotta grind for! How special! >_>

The game has a loot system and loot boxes that become worthless after a certain point. You then have Zero reward. They screwed up and only people who play it long enough know this.

Why bother open a loot box? So you can collect your next piece of salvage or vet item you cant use?

Console people are the worst players. There is a world of games, please explore it. Games like this make you kids think low quality = good quality.

^ My review. Sorry you hate it.

Careful, you summon him by saying his name three times while threatening to leave the game for good!


Actually this will be the last post.

Enjoy how they squeeze DLC money out of you kids for such a garbage low quality game that feels like it’s still in Beta.

Can’t believe they are even considering DLC at this point. Good lord. You fan boys have no idea what you are dealing with. This game is just graphics without even dedicated servers. (That will be later down the road when the game has lost half its players)

ey good riddance, go be unappreciative somewhere else.


I pretty much doubt you have mastered the combat system. Infact, you probably just played easy careers like pyro, bh, ib and ws. I bet my life, that you arent able to solo any map on legend with whc.

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Sure thing gramps. Bye now.

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Veteran items in every slot. You played a lot of this “garbage” before going postal on the forum.

Just take a break from the game quietly like most people and come back when they change something.


You millennials never cease to amaze me. The core concept of this game is killing massive hordes of enemies with friends. Why does EVERY %*#@ing game have to have some drawn out, generic “end-game”? It’s a FPS hack and slash. Diablo has no end game, neither does the more popular PoE. It’s the same thing over and over again. Yet, many people still play both.

Could the deed system and red duplicates be better? Of course, and I’m sure they will be down the road. Until then, enjoy what the game has to offer or move on to something else. It really is THAT simple.


Well, I can’t agree with you about D3 and PoE, played those two for a while, and they have way more “endgame content” then VT2, even VT1 Quest and contracts board was prety good motivation for me to play.

BTW, not all of this “endgame” was there when this games launch, in fact pre-RoS D3 was prety messy game, also VT1 and PoE on launch had almost no “endgame content” eatly on, I’m just corious why lots of feachures in VT2 are done way worse then in the first game. And don’t get me wrong, I think overall VT2 has good potencial, but some game aspects’ design just confuses me.

Take a break. Come back when it calls you back

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I could agree with points you make if it wasn’t for you constantly abusing the term “millennials” to make a point, I’d like to kindly request you to please stop generalizing as you’ll find plenty of “us” to be perfectly reasonable if you give said millennials a chance and pursue petty people for what they are, rather than their supposed entire generation on the assumption that it’s just those people.
It reminds me of old people complaining about nobody knowing how to drive anymore, then they forget their turn signal and drive over a cyclist. :sweat_smile:

Aside from that? You make good points.


Wow, you are really salty about this!

Stab rats. Meet new friends. Stab rats with new friends. Profit!

Bye <3


Seems like you should play other games. I’ve never been one to be married to any one game, and that improves the fun

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I agree to most of what you said but you seem to be forgetting something!
Having achieved what you say means you have put HUNDREDS of hours into this game.
so what are you expecting? that it entertains you forever?
There are AAA titles on the market which last 15-20 hours and cost 60€
Vermintide doesn’t even cost half of that money.

having said all that,
I really wished the talents and weapon traits weren’t that obvious and simple - so that you could experiment with builds. And the loot hunt could hardly be any more boring.

BUT: are we entitled to a never ending endgame?
I don’t think so.

btw I played mass effect 3 Multiplayer for 3000 hours because this actually had that kind of depth - mechanisms that only showed after thousand hours. and a very long learning curve. but nobody could ever expect to be entertained for that long

you should play something else until some new content come up. This game is not exactly going to be diablo 3 style of 4+ years of value. it is nice as it is. Ofcourse, everyone including myself would like a longer time fun playability to extend ‘endgame’ further but its not a terrible game as it is at this point.

It´s like Reallife (like in every game)… get your goals for yourself…

My one is Fun in Vermintide 2… that´s all and i can grind forever…

same rofl. love me3 and put countless hours into it. was really disappointed with how EA screwed mass effect andromeda up.