Teleporting off the map in the keep breaks player spawn

Reproduction steps:

  1. Join someone else’s game.
  2. Using battle wizard at the keep front door ledge, wave your ult around until you see your teleport circle appear REAAAAALY far down.
  3. Teleport
  4. Walk off the geometry that’s way below the keep and die


  1. You cannot respawn. You cannot change heroes
  2. If you quit and rejoin you get an infinite loading screen. Presumably the game is trying to spawn you at your previous location on that server. You have to alt-f4. No matter how many times you try to join it loads infinitely.
  3. Unconfirmed: others may be blocked from joining as well if they would normally be spawned in at the previous player’s location.

Workaround: host can go to chaos wastes and come back to reset everyone’s positions and spawns.

Normally I am a very “If it breaks when you do x, don’t do x” but am reporting mostly because of how it could potentially affect the host and other clients.


There is also a way to get stuck in Catrinne’s room, if you jump from the ladder to the easel you can get stuck between it and the torch.

I wonder if you leave and someone replaces you if they wind up in the same spot?

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