Technical/Gameplay Improvements

For me the most significant consideration for buying Darktide are technical/gameplay improvements from VT2. I’ve been playing since the beta and performance and networking is worse for me now than it was at launch.

  • Are their plans to improve gameplay for clients? e.g. making block detection clientside so you don’t get hit through block because the host says you did?
  • Networking: this became a serious issue for me with the changes introduced in the Outcast Engineer patch and hasn’t improved since then. Every game ranges from eating a few hits through block or dodge to taking damage from enemies before the attack animation actually completes to complete freeze and disconnect
  • Slot mechanics: will there be changes here to further reduce hyperdensity?
  • Running attacks: These seem to have become more prevalent over the last few patches and I often see enemies start them even when they are in close proximity
  • Ice skating/extreme tracking: any plans to fix/tone this down?
  • Sound: sound is critical for VT2 but sometimes it either doesn’t work (e.g. no backstab notification/you hear it but because of lag you eat a hit anyway) or different sound levels mean it is hard to hear the most important sound clues
  • Spawns: the infamous spawn a single rat behind you after you’ve checked it’s clear or the full spawn a patrol in your face experience
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