Tanglegrasp Thicket does not aggro patrols

Tanglegrasp Thicket, the new “pushing” ult for SotT, does not aggro patrols. We tested on several skaven and chaos patrols. Even when half of them were pushed off a ledge on Old Haunts, they kept right on walking. Unsure about intentions but it feels like it should constitute an attack.

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“Sir we are under attack!”

“Speak clearly you *****, who is attacking and how!?”

“The bushes sir! The bushes are yeeting our men off the cliffs!!”


¨Wild shrubbery appears¨¨

Insert Wilhem scream


Oh, I didn’t say it wasn’t hilarious. We were laughing our asses off about it. Reminds me of how the fire barrels used to do the same thing.


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