Talents do not support a high risk high reward Unchained playstyle

Before this update I loved to run UC with flail and beam staff. I could shoot out 4-5 quick shotgun blasts and be up to high heat and slaughter things in melee. I know that lowering the heat generation on Beam staff is a buff, but it really messed with my mojo.

Upon reviewing the talent tree I’m finding that there are a lot of talents that reduce heat generation, but that isn’t what UC is supposed to be about. I’m trying to play unchained with 5 stacks of Unstable strength at all times, and if I get bursted into overheating then I have my ult as a safety net. It is hard to stay at high heat when there are so many talents and staff traits designed to get rid of heat.

I would like to make a request for a talent that slows heat dissipation and generation at high overheat levels. That way UC could hang out in the sweet spot for longer without having to switch back to staff. I would suggest putting it on the level 20 tier because all of those talents GET RID of heat, two of which relate to venting.


Just to make the coding easier, make a talent that reduces passive heat dissipation but also reduces the Blood Magic conversion rate. Maybe replace Numb to Pain with it and merge the venting aspect of NtP into Conduit.

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