T5 Hi-int Hi-stg got nerfed?

there was no info when they buffed those modifiers to actualy fun level but for today it seems like it is not challenging again. Was there some hidden changes again?

A long time ago they adjusted Mutants, Dogs, and the bosses. If that explains it for you. They nerfed Beast of Nurgle AKA and now the Slug Daddy is no longer a threat, it’s just a minor bump in the road.

I really hope with this upcoming major patch that they will add something like a New Mode or New Difficulty because I agree that most of the content now is easy. It’s only Maelstrom Missions with the Monstrosity Modifier that is somewhat difficult

If they add new difficulty, they can keep the hp the same for everything except the bosses. I think the bosses need more a bit more HP or hardiness. And they need to revise all the events because the events are so BORING. Throw bosses and elites in the events instead of just the occasional shooters and trash mobs.

Unless they add something to weapons like red rarity in v2 with some capability of upgrading weapons to 100%. Then they can up hp on mobs.

Do you use the scoreboard mod?
If not, i can basically guarantee you that the difference in difficulty is caused by a difference in performance of your teammates.

Also, some of the maps are vastly easier than others.
For example, if you play the investigation mission, you will encounter around 1/4 of the enemies that you do on most other maps with this modifier.

It’s also possible you are getting inured to the constant stimulation and “normal” HISTG isn’t doing it for you anymore.

To be fair, the only boss that really ever poses a threat anymore is the spawn, and that’s only because it chases people down like a daemonhost until it randomly picks a new target, which means people can’t focus on a role during the fight.

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