System Specs

As the title already says, I would like to get an assessment from you - to what extent the requirements have increased.

For me it looks like it has gone graphically a step forward. But if you partly take the articles from the Edge, the screenshots look graphically like v2. So my question to you guys, what do you think?

Can you still play it if V2 has run on your system or can you write it off?

spitballing here, but the fact there are gonna be more enemies mit particle intensive weaponry (lasguns) graphicly and the fact these enemies are supposed to have more advanced AI like taking cover and flanking that would need more calculations from your cpu. and thats assuming the overall graphic settings are the same

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but we’re on dedicated servers now, so all the AI stuff should be handled by them, so if anything i’d assume that cpu load should be lessened when compared to vermintide (at least if you were hosting).

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oh yeah thats true haven’t thought it through.