Switching from Beta to Live and Back Changed the Stats On My Sword

Issue Summary:
As of this morning I had two elven two handed swords: (1) Dread Draich with 5% Attack Speed, 10% vs Chaos, and Parry; (2) Sword of the Forsaken Hero with 5% Attack Speed, 5% Critical Rate, and Parry.

I then switched from the beta branch back to live to test something. After switching back to beta, the Sword of the Forsaken Hero now has identical stats to the Dread Draich - the 5% Critical Rate was replaced by 10% versus chaos. This screenshot shows the aftermath.

At the time I switched from beta to live, I had the Dread Draich equipped. At the time I switch back to beta, I had dual daggers (Mercy and Carnage) equipped.

Steps to Reproduce:
Have not tried, I dare not force myself to have to reroll items again.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Additional Information:
I don’t think dxdiag would help in this situation, but if it will I can provide it.

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