Switch to melee weapon after being pinned

Typical situation: Sometimes you just get pinned by a an ambitious gutter runner defying gravity from 200 miles away, or even pulled into a situation by a packmaster you thought you could shoot before it got to you. Then, as you are (hopefully) released, you might be in the midst of enemies already winding up attacks.

The problem therein is that if you had your melee weapon equipped, you would be fine, just holding right mouse button as you get up blocking the damage. However, if you had any other weapon out, you are out of luck - I opened this after being pounced, and eating an overhead attack from a chaos warrior before being able to switch from bardins steam-gun to a melee weapon to block. It feels incredibly cheap, because sometimes the time interval is so short that there is nothing you can do about it.

This would be solved by automatically re-equipping melee weapons after a pounce, which no doubt the characters would’ve reached for anyway. Should also be an advantage for chaos spawn after-grab and throw and such events.



I prefer to use melee weapon if I expect Assasin to pounce on me, it is easier to defend yourself that way, dodge sideways and push at the same time. I doubt this would be “fixed”. You had rifle in you hands, how it will magically switch to the sword? Seems fair to me. Assassins is dangerous, that is the fact. Disabler type of specials is always number one priority for elimination, even if there is boss fight.

I mean in a magical world where specials aren’t sometimes silent (which they are), and GR pounces cant come from the next state, sure. But sometimes things just get you to no fault of your own.

Plus I doubt they “assassins are dangerous” is based on this arbitrary mechanical fact. I’m not even talking about having block up while being pounced and/or dragged - it’s strictly so you have a chance after you’ve been freed, rather than an instant wound/death.

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That is what teammates for.

This should be a thing only when you get revived, its so annoying when playing sienna and you get downed with the staff in hand.

Disablers can be buggy or silent, which is an issue, but this really just seems like a risk/reward issue, not a QoL thing. When you have a ranged weapon out, you are essentially trading defense for the ability to damage enemies from a safe distance. If you then get disabled and take damage after getting freed because you don’t switch to melee afterwards - then the ‘risk’ portion has overcome the reward.

There is, afaik, always a moment you are vulnerable when getting revived or rescued from a disabler. This feels intentional imo.

I don’t think it’s a particularly good choice if it is intentional, you’re already punished for going down by getting a wound, being able to be completely killed without your normal downed hp depleting is pretty silly. Same deal with when you’re disabled.

Particularly when there’s no personal counterplay to that extra penalty. It’s even worse when considering how unreliable assassin counterplay can be as a client.

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