Survivalist Ammo Bag Reskin

Hi, could you please reskin Bardin’s survivalist ammo bags to 2 separate skins? One for the default and the other for when Bardin has Grungni’s Cunning talent (+30% ammo restore).

You could use the old single ammunition quiver/shot from Vermintide 1 for survivalist bags. Keep the current Ammunition bag look for normal ammo restores and Bardin’s Gungni’s Cunning talent.


Well, considering beta talent changes, it’s not really worth time and effort at this point.

Don’t be so disheartening, in its core its really not a bad idea to reskin the survivalist ammo pouches, even if only to differentiate them from normal, full pouches, aside the text. And nothing is set in stone regarding beta, it may not even change at all.
Maybe only tacking a little (but shiny) dwarfen symbol to the side of the bag would not be an high effort addition.


Yes, I can agree upon this - reskinning the survivalist ammo pouch is a very good idea.


Recolor it to green.

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This would be a great little addition. I remember when first starting out being confused when my
ammo didn’t fill up when I thought I had just found ammo in a corner only to learn it was just Bardin’s skill.

The differentiation between the 10 and 30% isn’t as important since they both read as “partial ammo refill” to a player. Though just having the bag be buldge out more would be a nice little touch.

A recolor would indeed be a nice quick fix since the artists may be busier on more critical things.

Yeah, even just a tint change would help. A reddish or yellowish or greenish bag.

That’s a good idea, but tbh I would prefer if they implemented a totally different model for the survivalist pickups. Just recolouring it would not always be visible in certain lighting conditions.

That is a great idea!

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