Sure Shot vs variable armour units

Sure shot force headshots causes attacks against enemies with different armour types on their head (Mauler, Stormfiend, Wargor) to take significantly less damage with no way to disable the effect.


I agree this is an issue with Sure Shot, though perhaps one better solved when Huntsman is a little less broken.

This really only affects Maulers.

Sure Shot headshots appear to target Stormfiends Packmaster rather than the armoured head.
Wargors don’t have head armour, Sure Shot is actually beneficial against Wargors.

As for Maulers, Repeater Handgun and Blunderbuss do take a negative hit.
Handgun breakpoints stay the same against Maulers and Empire Longbow isn’t affected by Sure Shot currently but I imagine the impact is slightly negative (without one in the eye)

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