Sure shot rework to keep it thematic and less hilariously broken

Sure shot no longer generates from walking 50m
Sure shot now generates from hitting headshots
Hitting a headshot does not remove a stack and still adds on more
One headshot generates one sure shot

Reset no longer exists
Reset is now reverted back to the old cooldown talent

Fast track now instead has a 50% chance to generate a second sureshot stack when hitting a headshot

During ult, headshots give two stacks of sure shot per headshot, and there is a 50% chance of not consuming a stack of sureshot on body shot.

Blunderbuss now has a single pellet always go down the center
For counting headshots for effects, only this shot is considered without sureshot
Headshot damage of the other pellets is unaffected
Sureshot still applies headshot on the other pellets
Middle pellet is the only one that can generate sureshot and prevent the use of sureshot
Headshot effects from sureshot from other pellets are still applied

Huntsman to me should be a high skill high reward class, and sureshot in its current form really screwed with that idea. I understand the intention of lowering the skill floor and need to use aimbot, but the current implementation is weird and encourages dumb things like walking in circles to build stacks.

Instead of being based on distance walked, hitting headshots actually rewards good aim and still lowers the skill floor to not requiring aimbot to be effective at huntsman since aiming a little low isn’t the end of the world but there is still a penalty for not getting the skill shot, and hitting headshots for more headshots fits the idea of a huntsman better.

Reset was a broken idea. It saves like 3 minutes of walking around on a 40ish second cooldown, and you can refill stacks on demand. Bad fatshark. It also created the current bluntsman problem where headshots are way too easy to get.

I believe sureshot should have some interaction with ult, and I think this would do fine. The consumption change is debatable, but I think headshots should generate double stacks of sureshot during ult.

The level 30 talents on huntsman are actually on equal par with each other, and I personally use cooldown the most. I haven’t seen much discussion on these talents, so I only have my opinion to go off on. In my opinion, the increased duration could do with a slightly longer duration.

Because sure shot is no longer generates from walking, fast track needed to be changed, and I originally debated whether or not 2 stacks or 1 stack should come from a headshot, but I think this solution of 1.5 on average from a talent is actually quite fair.

Blunderbuss needed to have some changes to actually reward aim and going for headshots, so those changes would do quite nicely. This isn’t actually a complete nerf, and the current bluntsman can exist provided you have aimbot, but this is the top of the skill ceiling and is something that is meant to be attempted to be obtained. Although, this could still be broken, and the blunderbuss, sureshot, or their interactions can be tweaked.

TL:Dr: click on heads to make not clicking on heads okay. Reset is dumb. Git gud


This has all been talked about several times in a bunch of other similar threads :sleepy:
At least wait for them to adjust the current version before making a bunch more threads.

Eh, I had a few ideas that were brewing that were unique, and I just wanted it down somewhere. Not like there are rules against posting things about the same topic. Sure shot is a hot topic right now because of its poor implementation.

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Quite like these ideas. Assuming no revert (and I will make that assumption, and that from here on out it’ll just be iterations) I’ve seen are as follows:

Main thing seems to be that, right now, it’s managing to simultaneously lower the skill floor and skill ceiling, which is no good. It’s fun, but that first part is bad. Perhaps it’s due to the stack limit being too high? Unsure. The reset talent (ult = 10 stacks) is definitely out of whack with the rest of the row and is an easy autopick. Not even close.

Right now, blunderbuss consumes one stack per shot. In theory, this is fine. But with the stack limit being 10, it’s problematic. Issue you run into with lowering it is that BB has no easy/reliable way to actually generate its own stacks due to the way headshots work on BB/grudge, meaning that that would need to be reworked. Right now, BB can only get stacks via moving and ulting. That said, with 10 stacks, and that ult talent, BB has infinite ammo, which further worsened the ranged meta that the BBB seems to be promoting.

It resulting in less damage against maulers for half his ranged arsenal (BB and repeater) is problematic, especially when you have absolutely no control over it. You just… Do less damage to them. Full stop.

Your stuff seems to address most/all of that (including BB’s interaction with Sure Shot). Though, to that end, I have no issue with Sure Shot generating with moving, since it’s set to a decent amount and is there as a babyproof mechanic more than anything (and so you have some at the start of the map). That’s the main thing I would remove, tbh, from your proposed changes.

Moving around to generate stacks isn’t actually unbalanced, but I just think it’s not thematic and promotes walking in circles which is funny, so for the sake, of theme and not having weird min maxing mechanics, I think hitting headshots to get sure shot would be a better system.

yeah tbh I’d prefer stacks be a reward for good gameplay rather than just…moving around


I think one of the points of rework was, to make Huntsman less headshot-only.

Huntsman has lacked in his identity and focus, having a very generic passive ability without much to play around with outside of scoring headshots, aswell as some slight ammunition sustain. This change intends on changing up his gameplay with adding more leniency in triggering all of Huntsmans headshot centric effects, without taking away that part of the core gameplay for existing builds.

I’d say changing it where headshots give sure shot is lenient, and honestly a jogging simulator to get sure shot isn’t really the best to keep the core gameplay of a headshot machine.

I see contradiction here.

I mean, gaining sure shot off headshots would mean you’d only need a 50% headshot ratio to get 100% headshots.

Headshot with range? Or both range and melee?

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I like the idea of headshots giving you sure shot, However i would remove the 50% RNG. And i would lower the maxinum stacks

Right now, if you’ve got some decent aim, your still going to end up with 10 free headshots, and having the ability to 2 shot-bodyshot multiple CW’s in a row, is just wack.

If he isn’t going to be reverted, I’d prefer the free headshots replaced with a free reload or something else. Free headshots is just an awful idea IMO. Also there was nothing wrong with the old Huntsman.

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Free reload doesn’t really make sense because of man bow.

True. Then I’ll stick with plan A: revert :smiley:


Personally, I think sure shot is an interesting idea to make huntsman more lenient in situations where the entire headshot reliance of huntsman isn’t possible. Such cases being bosses where aggro shifts everywhere or certain animations where enemy head hitboxes go flying everywhere including 3 unknown dimensions. In these situations, headshots are much more difficult if not impossible, and because of that, it’s really a huge waste of talents to have a headshot reliant class/build with no actual way to hit headshots. I would like to believe that fat shark recognizes these pitfalls and came with sure shot. As bad as it is, huntsman does need something to make sure his talents are possible in more situations, but the current implementation makes headshots possible in every situation which is a huge issue that needs to be addressed.

The other option is to spam without having a chance to hit headshots which is going to be ammo costly (monsters) or ineffective (super armor), or not doing anything which is bad gameplay design at that point.

Longshanks, movement speed trinket, and spear charging are now a MUST PICK for leggy boy gamer stacks

Distance traveled giving stacks feels dumb. It encourages me to walk around in circles jumping around to maximize distance moved. It also does a weird thing where the skitter gate teleporter gives you max stacks since you moved a bunch technically.

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