Sunclock showing wrong time

Maybe it isn’t a bug, but the shadow is wrong to the sun direction. Maybe I’m wrong.

I think it’s probably correct. If it was a vertical stick you’d expect the shadow to fall opposite the sun… but it’s a complicated inclined shape which makes for non-intuitive shadows.

Maybe you’re right.
Will reconstruct the clock and sun position in lw and check the results.


I was wrong this kind of shape give that strange shadow. Awesome ))


Nice follow through!!

EDIT: I think the “lean” on the central dial is to account for the sun being lower in the sky in the morning and evening. This way the length of the shadow stays essentially the same instead of being tiny at midday and huge at dawn/dusk. Just guessing, though.

There is only one way to check it out ))
A simulation, near to the weekend.
There must be a difference in summer and winter.

Iirc, the angle of a sundial’s “hand” should be relative to the latitude you’re on to keep its accuracy. A straight stick is accurate for now, but would need adjusting if it’s to be followed for, idk, longer than a… week, month?

Actually, a quick look at Wikipedia confirms this: " The style [i. e. the stick] must be parallel to the axis of the Earth’s rotation for the sundial to be accurate throughout the year. The style’s angle from horizontal is equal to the sundial’s geographical latitude." So technically, someone could figure out and nitpick on the Keep’s latitude based on the sundial…

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Hmmm. I’m pretty sure that the only change over the course of the seasons at a given location is the relative height of the sun. So the issue with the accuracy probably has more to do with the sharpness/thickness of the shadow, etc. than the angle it casts on the dias. And yeah, it needs to point along the axis of rotation to properly even out the shadow length.

So technically, someone could figure out and nitpick on the Keep’s latitude based on the sundial…

DOOO EEEET. Although I don’t know if I’ve ever seen any lat/long marking on a Warhammer map xD. Maybe the Keep’s latitude will be the first coordinate in the franchise?!

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A very fast and rough estimate (based on the screencap) puts the angle of the gnomon at 45 degrees, which would equate to Northern Italy/Southern France (The areas of Parma and Bordeaux, respectively). Or just about the border of North and South Dakota on the US side. Well, assuming the Northern hemisphere. Not that far from being based on (late) medieval Europe (although the environments in the game seem to be set somewhat more north than that), and I assume the differences in climate could at least partially be explained by differences in geography. Of course, the latitude is till an estimation, as I can’t be bothered to go into the game and even attempt to measure the actual angle, so it can easily be off by several degrees in either direction. Another assumption that I guess needs to be made is that the planet of WHF is the same size as Earth.

To be honest, I doubt there has been this much detailed thought put into the game (and the WHF world in general), but please, surprise me.

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I kinda know who I could ask… but I’m not sure if they’ll have time spare to humour us!

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