Summarized End Beta Feeback

Many, many hours through the previous weeks. Summary of cataclysm feedback (no weaves), and of course, room for improvement.


  • Mercenary is still way too effective over the other Kruber careers. I think he has way too much in in his kit/talents some of it needs to be spread around. Chad Mercenary of the Reikland, indeed
  • Huntsman is lost in translation currently
  • Foot Knight feels MUCH better, which a couple of interesting setups now
  • Ranger is a hard one, since he is both loved and loathed. Good improvements in this beta
  • Ironbreaker is still amazing, thanks for keeping Tunnel Fighter (10 seconds is good). Drake Fire Damage seems terrible
  • Slayer is… fun to play, but I find Zealot and now Grail Knight largely superior. I think returning the talent for some damage reduction on stacks of Trophy hunter would help him out a bit
  • Waystalker is very powerful, and fits her role well. I really do not think much can be done to improve here. But PLEASE, do not buff her further
  • Handmaiden is still dubious value. Much of her effectiveness is tied to how much your team goes down… Block Attack Speed and Willow Stance together can give excessive attack speeds. I would move the damage reduction on critical hit talent from Shade to Handmaiden, it would be much more fitting this way (perhaps with a different condition for the reduction)
  • Shade is the class I resent the most. Ridiculous damage output, ammo sustain, instant kill potential, invisibility, damage reduction on crit… PLEASE, REIGN IT IN. Why use something else? How long will this go on?
  • Witch Hunter is a must-have for seriously difficult content, needs to be toned down. For example, Fervency and Unending Hunt are really overpowering
  • Bounty Hunter talent updates for Melee Kill Reload and Weapon Swap Buff are great. They allow for other non-crossbow weapons to compete. MAKE REPEATER PISTOL BH-ONLY AND BUFF THE CRAP OUT OF IT
  • Zealot is himself. Not really sure what changes are needed, if any
  • Bright Wizard an Pyromancer are really good and in a great spot. Good builds and can specialize. Unchained, however… it is a good career, but inferior to the other 2 on cataclysm. I propose that Unchained should be the only wizard class to NOT explode from max overcharge, but lose health at a somewhat rapid rate until not on max overcharge (similar to the new talent). Reward taking those hits instead of going down from 2 attacks because your Living Bomb is on cooldown…

Grail Knight Bonus:

  • I really do not like the forced RNG involved in the duties, it seems unnecessary. Instead, I propose tying which duties are given to which “Virtue” talents are selected, similar to how Virtue of the Penitent grants the strength potion quest. Giving the grimoire/health regen duty to selecting Virtue of Stoicism would be an example. Also, Virtue of Duty talent being selected could keep the current design (3 random quests) in play as an option. It would be really great to further “build” the GK around your team composition, and would make for some interesting bot loadouts.

QoL and Misc:

  • reminder that Inspirational Shot and Heroic Intervention traits still exist and need help
  • reminder that crit power either a needs a buff or adjustment in damage calculation to be worth it
  • for the love of God, please make healshare a necklace trait (you know… like the first game), even if it has to be toned down in effectiveness because of the existence of temp health
  • temp health talents need to be streamlined: healshare gone (see above). Everyone needs some 3-combo of cleave, headshot-crit/stagger, and kill depending on career
  • combine Bulwark and Mainstay stagger talents somehow. Not currently competitive with others
  • please make Handmaiden Heart of Oak talent to be a flat 25 bonus to base health rather than percentage (150 total). With 20% necklace, that would be 180 health like the other careers in the game with the same values (not 168, not 174, not 178.357567894… 180 PLEASE)

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.


Because waystalker is better and safer.

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