Here are some ideas that I’d love to see in the full game upon release or later additions.

  1. Solo or Single player (with bots)
  2. Toggle Aim Menu option
  3. Loading screen interactions (I’d like a blueprint or schematic along with Lore that can be viewed in the loading screens. maybe all in 1 loading screen booklet 5 pages maximum.) I know that loading screen interactions are possible. I first saw one in “Crash Bandicoot Crash of the Titans” there are paw prints that cross the screen while (black screen) loading and you can walk over the loading screen and leave a trail.
  4. First cutscene discrepancy: The voice actor sounds British and would pronounce “Ma’am” not as “mam” but as “mom.” Should be changed in the final game upon release. (in my opinion)
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Agreed specifically on the loading screen. It’s really bad, and the longing times aren’t short. Even the lack of a full-stop for proper grammar on the quotes cause me pain.