Suggestions from beta

why M to cycle players? make mouse click. Add a lot more long hair options, they’re almost all just short

More vibrant hair colour options

Add full beard + moustache included for Ogyre

More options on ways to cast as the Psyker Psykinetic (that have instant fire options vs just a semi-long hold down)

Be able to ping while special on you

(SERIOUSLY)Wtf is with people not being in the same instance when grouped up and in lobby?

I cant use symbols such as `, [, or ] as keybinds, it just says [UNASSIGNED] after pressing the symbol

Please allow us to start a chat to say “gg” during the end-of-level (brief) cinematic

Allow us to see and test weapons in the hub

Let us compare our currently equipped weapon to the one at the vendor we’re looking at

Seems slow to block sometimes after regular attacks sometimes but near but if not immediately

Four Sword just says it gives a 10% buff but not to what

Don’t have it kick us out from our inventory screen when the leader queues up for matchmaking

Zealot special went through mutant

Please have it say which levels you unlock each row of talents at

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