Suggestion: Weapon perk guide for us TIDE noobs

It would be nice to have some kind of guide to what the different weapon perks mean, like rending does WHAT?

Don’t worry, a lot of them are confusing for tide veterans too.


Fatshark loves telling us literally nothing.

This should get you started,

Even though it’s a copy of the in game information, it should get some gears turning and half the time what you think it might do is actually what it does.

As for rending, this one still kind of eludes me as well.
Its both percentage based and point value referred to, but it would not be the first blessing were the description is inaccurate on.

Those with percentage based last for x few seconds and typical apply multiple stacks.
But the actual effect of rending is unclear, I’ve read it’s a cooler word for armor penetration’s, which would make sense for the percentage based rending blessing and totally ignoring X percentage of armor.
But also that it amplifies weapon power and how that works, is unclear.

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