Suggestion regarding ranged ultimates


I have a suggestion for ranged ultis:

Make it so that when you press F you “equip your ulti”, releasing F wont fire it. Instead, pressing LMB fires it and RMB cancels it.

This would primarily be for waystalker, bh and pyro.

This would really help (especially with bh) to aim them since it’s very unnatural to fire by releasing a button.
It could even be an option that you can toggle.

Hope you’ll consider it. Thanks for the best game ever!


I actually really like this, although concerns are mainly about how everyone is used to releasing F for ult.

I do also like the idea.

I have it bound to msb4 for this reason. I can imagine the delay caused by first pressing ult and then confirming with msb1, would cause plenty of frustration though. If added as a toggle in settings I’m all for it. I wouldn’t like to see it as a mandatory change though.

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Yes i agree, a toggle in the options is most likely the way to go.

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