[suggestion] QoL passive for zealot

TL;DR passive for Zealot - when out of Stamina and above 10 green HP Viktor can push at the cost of 10 green HP

I‘ve heard a lot of negative feedback from Zealots toward the regeneration of green HP and healshare, as it reduces their buffstacks after going above 35 HP.

Since the BBB is the perfect place to test it, I have an Idea for a careerfitting passive that remedies (or even encourages) HP reg for the zealot while only slightly increasing potential burst damage:

While Viktor has no stamina left and is above 10 GHP he can still perform push/pushattack but at a cost of 10 GHP.

It fits his career, as he is a religious fanatic, reaching for his limits and then pushing further (pun intended)

One or two additional push/pushattacks arent a gamebreaking buff, especially since it takes 2.5 seconds of not pushing/blocking an attack to regain 1 shield (1.5 sec delay+ 0.5 sec per stamina)

But it would turn health generation into a plus on Zealot (and make natural Bonds actually a good pick for him) or at least preserve the current playstile of zealot without recoding how his talents work.

What do you guys think? Pros/cons of a passive like this?

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Redemption through Blood - Damage restores Stamina to full

There is nothing better in Row 25. Adding additional Survival tools ontop of what he has already is rather uncalled for.

I wouldnt call for a change if you like to play Zealot. If GK is the new benchmark on what is okay, Zealot needs to lose all his damage boosts, and his charge. One is not allowed to be tanky, have insane attack speed and damage modifiers, while having mobility.

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Its not meant as a survival tool, its meant as an HP dumping tool to stay below 36 GHP while not having to ask your team to let that one slaverat hitting you live while it smacks you down past that threshhold.

If you mean, that the selfdamage alsp triggers redemption through blood, then yes, that should be changed, as it would give you full stamina back at the cost of 10 GHP, which wasnt my intention at all.

Why not? Its literally what UC gets (minus mobility) and GK can switch from high offence to extreme survivability simply by switching to a shield (60BCR and 60 stam regen on a shield is more than FK or IB get. He is far from fragile IMO
While Zealots tankiness only stems from his high HP pool (which the other tanks also have) and his insane THP reg. Like you said the stamina on hit is superior to his 10% DR on row 25 and nobody chooses armour of faith because +90% heal is way better than 30%DR while you have low HP

make zealot spawns with temp hp, and any heal received are temp hp only. make this effect baseline.

Wanting to just remove having to take damage from enemies isn’t a QoL change, it’s just taking the risk out of the character so y’all can min-max his damage without effort.

Honestly, devs really should consider reworking the character. Drop him to base 100 hp, change Fiery Faith to be percentage based, change Holy Fortitude to be 5% healing per stack, change Castigate to a flat 15% attack speed beneath 25% health, buff Unbending Purpose to 10%, redo Devotion, and redo Faith’s Flurry.

They should just fix bots healing zealots/ or add an option + Change the ws talent that heals your party.

Zealot already got his passive up at the start of the map, which is in my opinion already a massive buff. He doesn’t need something else that allows him to just get his stacks at a safer way.

While that would fix the problem of receiving automatic heal if none is desired, it creates a different one: Not everyone plays Zealot like this. If you force temp HP on everyone playing zealot, they’ll basically be forced into the same playstyle, without choosing which one they’d like best.
The damage induced by overpushing will give everyone the option to take damage if they want it.
It would require a rework of the Redemption through blood effect though, to only trigger on damage by enemies or teammates, otherwise it would enable you to reload your stamina for 10 hp in case a high damage attack is unavoidable but blockable.

I actUally like the damage reduction talent, now it may be a little bit weaker with the changes in how damage reduction works but it works very nice with THP on kills especially if you are making deeds or on higher difficulties where there are a lot of elities. Only struggles a bit if there is some good HS or BH in the team. I personally like all the options in zealot talent tree… there is a choice for each flavour you are in the mood with… even infinite ammo volley crossbow meme build.
A lot of things become meta just because of people not willing to test new options and just taking a look at some build guide instead of traying it by themself.

yes if u want to play differently, add a talent to cancel this suggested baseline effect. (or the other way around, where baseline zealot is normal, and a talent for the effect i suggested)

That sounds like it could work, use a talent slot to give the Zealot temp health only. You’d have to balance it, by making it an alternative to another good talent, though.

If you’d make it a row 25 talent, you’d get the bonus of having your buffs from the get-go, but you’d have to play more careful to make sure you don’t get swarmed/ overheaded/ otherwise block-broken.

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if my suggestion is to balanced, it needs to be balanced with other quality of life talents and not really with combat performance talents.

my suggest is to protoect zealot from annoying classes that unconditionally give you hp whether you want it or not.

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