Suggestion: New Map Style for some SubClass (AssassineStyle)

The new Subclass are very nice! The Basic Idea is good. (Talent balancing is a bit anOther Story, but most are fine).

This Idea is maybe a bit to Crazy and to much Trouble for V2 Balancing and to implemented.

This Suggestion, Focus a New Play Style for Assassin Liker, connected with maybe new Maps in some DLCs or maybe some little Map Change on this Released Maps. Or a Pre Idea for the V3!
I just try to Reflect the Potential what V2 give me, and i expand a bit :slight_smile:

I know, exist just one Real Assassin, the Shade! but maybe the Slayer have for me too Assassine Potential, the Round Assassin :wink:

The Idea is, like extra Sneak jump sideways for hidden attacks and Scout.
Longer and shorter Passage for a Grp splitt Walk. (better options for better Positioning for the Shade)
Like, some Class can go on the Roof at some Town Maps, with some Jumps, Charge- Climping
Same like on Forest maps, way to jump up on Trees and can Walk on the fat Branch.

I make here a example with a Released Map: Halescourge:
(this Map give me the Idea about this Assassin way)

  1. The first Stage of Halescourge have a lot sideways at beginn!
    {perfekt for some Boxes, Ladders, to go on Roof and jump to next Roof}
  2. then come the First big “Room” (this Main Street with the “Cliff”)
    {here have the Assassin to come down, or a way to go on this little Tower, and, next Sneak/Jump behind the Gate on a different way}
  3. the Next Room is this bigger “Main Place” connected ( this with the Elevator)!
    This Place have to the Mountain Side like a Gallery!
    (exist a way to jump op on Chest, jump on the Roof, from the Roof up to this like Gallery)
    {Assassin can to to the Gallery from the Mountain and jump down from the Gallery.}

After the Elevator come this big complex Town system, perfekt for jump way on Roofs, maybe sometime with goin in a little Room and like this.
As extra sneak way for Assassin Play.

On the Map: The War Camp, first Grim, exist too a lot Potential for Jumping, or the way to the 2 Tome, this Rocks on the side.

This Potential is see on a lot Maps, to make a extra Sneak, Jump mix Assassin Way! :slight_smile:
(sure, exist then maybe a Graphic Problem, because, Player can see outside of the Map)

I know, exist a lot Problem with this Idea, because, Shade have not this Charge, so: how to close this way for the full Grp? and what is with Other Class with some Assassin Potential?
And what is with Spezial Spawn, like instant graber Leech, Assassin Rats?

3 Spontan Basic Balance Ideas: (but this idea are not Perfect)
1.Switch the max Jump or/and Dash to the different Class, Armored Class can’t jump so high… (so he cant take all Books then)

  1. Extra lvl 30 Talents to unlock “ShadowWalk” with some Subclass.
    This Assassin way are like closed with DarkMagic, just Class with active ShadowWalk Talent can walk inside ShadowWays.
    (no special Spawn inside DarkZone, just on transitional Zone to the NormalMapWay. So other Class can Help the Assassis when he are grabt from some Spezials)

3.Shade have to Activate the Active Skill for Pass this Wall.
(but this is to unbalanced, to much Focus on Shade)

So exist more extra Jumping Skill “Adventure” “Puzzle”, can be a funny way, so is the Jumping Puzzle not just for Books or go on some Save Spots.

Player have so a extra Option to Play the Shade or maybe another Class on a new Style on different Maps.

Just a Suggestion, i know is not Perfect but maybe as Inspiration for V3 or some DLC what i say at beginn.

and no, i’am Main a Tank Dwarf Player, but i like the Shade! :wink:

I love the idea of making certain passages only available for dash abilities, but you already mentioned the biggest problem with those.

Basically the only thing that should be punished constantly in this game is splitting and not staying with the team, which is a direct problem to paths and passages that are not available for everyone.
We already have some really tricky grimoire locations, and people are furious if a special spawns in there and the other 3 cannot help them, because they dont get the jump puzzle right.
Basically what Im tryin to say is, the passages you would like to have for assassinations would quickly become the spots YOU would get assassinated.

Thanks for Like :slight_smile:

Yeah, to not Splitt is a Point in this Game, but “Soft” Splitt are okay, like to Take a Book, what you say… or to Take Ammo, or to Kill a Gasratt and like this…
The Books, Grims, are not so far away from the Main Way, and the Team is most time Waiting… this is cool.

This Single Rusher Guys, run like to Mexico over the Half Map(but exist not much)… i miss then the Special Spawn to catchycatch this Guy to punish him, maybe is this too a AI “Problem”… Sometime exist this Spawn to Catch this Guy, but for this Extreme Rusher, don’t exist this most time.

{Is like he Play with a Active Trainer and RNG Manipulate! so exist no Spawn from him!
(is a bit a Other Theme but is like some Guys, Join in a Game, Spawn 10 Chaos Warrior direct in your Face, laugh over in Game Voice an Leave! Talking in Forum about, ahh this is a AI Bug, Bad Game, Spawn Bug!!.. i think this are like Troll excuses and is NOT a Basic AI Problem) (I open in Steam a Flame Threat about this, to Provocate Manipulation Players)}

Yeah i know, in my Assassin new sneak-Jump Way Idea exist a lot “Problems”.^^
This side way can be short, and close to the Main way, just for a other Positioning.
Place this Way, so that the other Player from down, can Support this Guy Up, or use this Active Skill, Automatic Target Search Skills, like Fireball! The Assassin have then to Walk Fast and Clever to a Place with visual contact to the Team.
I’am more Frustrated about some Jump Points and like some Invisible Hitbox, sometime is this rly curios…
Like Stucks in a Bug, and Other Player dont have this Problems. Like, other Player are rubbed with Oil XDXDXD
(but most Book Place are cool)