Suggestion for GK buff quest

Lady’s duty heavily depends on RNG. HP regen is too good than other.

Also, GK heavily depends on teammates when special comes. So GK should provide special killing power indirectly.

Make power increase and attack speed quest as default. These two will be always there.
Delete cooldown regen. No one wants that.

If you choose additional quest, there will be a bit RNG. DMG reduction or HP regen.
This talent will not work on FOW and weave at all.

Consistent 10% power offer some decent breakpoint for your teammate so you can contribute on special somehow.

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If the +power do not help you reach a new breakpoint it’s really weak and I’d take the cooldown over it every time.

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Big duties’ problem is the request to kill a boss… what if it doesn’t spawn?

Keep in mind it’s cooldown regen, not reduction, so it’s actually less than 10% cooldown reduction and stacks badly with cooldown reduction to boot. I think it’s probably the worst quest. 10% power will mean some things die in less hits for sure, with all the different enemy types and attacks, damage cleave, and stagger states, it’s guaranteed to reduce attacks to kill over the course of a level. Personally I’d consider that more impactful than a very very slight increase in the number of Ults across a level, but I can certainly see why some might not agree.

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