Suggestion: Change Sure Shot to grant reload speed buff

As many are saying the “free headshots” mechanic takes away from the flavour of the huntsman, the precision ranged one shot specialist. The current state of Sure Shot also has the obvious side effect of the bluntsman being pretty broken.

How about changing Sure Shot slightly to grant an increase in reload speed + power% instead? headshots and bodyshots remain the grant and removal stack mechanism.

Reload speed would just go back to the problem of having a passive that is borderline useless on 1 or more of his ranged weapons (in this case longbow). And power is boring.

Everyone is just freaking out because of Reset and the current Blunder interaction. The basic idea is absolutely fine, and far more broadly useful across all his ranged weapons than his last passive, or your suggestion.

Yeah fair point. I am not really a fan of the manbow so didn’t consider it that much.

I do think however that free headshots removes the satisfaction/rewarding gameplay element from huntsman and I miss the old pre-2.0 handgun playstyle. Personal preference I guess.

If they’re sparse enough, with the current mechanic of landing a headshot manually not spending your stacks, I think this element of the playstyle could be retained.

Again, Reset is the big problem here by just throwing stacks at you left and right for free.

I really wish that sure shot stacks build from headshots instead of from walking around. Honestly, I’d remove the reset, and make sureshot just not decrement during ult when missing or hitting body, but it can still increment when hitting head.

I’d make it where it you’d gain one stack per headshot, and that talent where you need to walk less is changed to having a 50% chance of getting a second stack. It’s RNG but 3 headshots to 2 sure shots on average seem to be a fair trade in my opinion.

BH gets crits for free, why does Huntsman need to work for his passive? Just reduce the number of stats reset gives.

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