Suggestion: Bray-Shaman and horde animals suggestion

I suppose that bray-shaman could be god mage unit among beastmen, and it shouldn`t be difficult ot implement such creature: longer beard, huge curved horns and staff with raven feathers is enough. Vermintide 2 already has ravens. Shaman coul use “Crow’s Feast” spell, blinding heroes inside area of effect (flock of crows flies inside circle towares heroes, like any other curse spell in game). Crows can be retextured for this speell: add glowmaps for red eyes and red trails from wing feathers.
Also special animal hordes wuld fit nice in this game, and varying in numbers depending of enemy race and dififculty level. Scaven could bring giant spiked rats - 40-60 in one horde. They could be a bit weaker than clanrats but a bit stronger than slave rats. Norska can have interesting horde: chaos dogs (spiked and horned dogs with scorpion-like tails). About 25 in one pack, and leader of the pack can be venomous chaos dog (the same damage from poison as life-leach mage does, but only for 3 seconds). Beastmen can bring razorgors (bear-sized spiked boars), only 3 in pack - they are like mini-bosses, each one as storng and healthy as 3 stormvermin.

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